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Ceramic Pet Fountain (60 oz.)
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Ceramic Pet Fountain (60 oz.)
  • Greatly increases your pet's water intake
  • Charcoal filter removes impurities
  • Quiet pump won't disturb you or your pets
  • Ceramic is more sanitary than plastic bowls
  • Holds 60 oz. of water
  • Sturdy & dishwasher safe for easy cleaning

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Pets Love To Drink Fresh Running Water!

This Ceramic Pet Fountain is the perfect design to help your cat or dog drink more water. It has a large drinking area, opposed to some other types of pet drinking fountains with smaller openings.

This design is especially great for cats if you are trying to make them drink more water. Fountain waterers are ideal for pets that stay home alone during the day, so you know they are always getting plenty of clean water.

How It Works

Have you ever seen your cat sitting in the sink... licking the water off the faucet?

Ceramic Pet FountainThis is because our pets are naturally drawn to drink fresh, running water. If they have a choice between a dripping sink and a stale plastic bowl, of course they’ll chose the sink.

The ceramic pet fountain automatically filters and circulates clean, fresh water. It uses a small quiet filter (similar to an aquarium filter) with replaceable charcoal inserts. Simply add water to the bowl when it starts to get low.


Ceramic Pet Fountain
  • Keeps water cool and clean 24/7
  • Large drinking area to accommodate any size pet (or multiples)
  • Ceramic drinking bowl is dishwasher safe & easy to clean
  • Modern design looks pleasant anywhere in your home
  • Heavy duty ceramic stays put around playful pets – no more spills!
  • Ceramic material helps prevent feline acne (typically caused by plastic bowls)
  • AC plugin provides continuous power – no need to replace batteries
  • Replacement carbon filters are available & easy to change


Ceramic Pet Fountain
  • Holds 60 oz of water (almost half a gallon)
  • Fountain bowl measures 14.75” x 12.5” x 3”
  • Assembled fountain measures 6.75” tall
  • 6 foot AC adapter included with purchase
  • Charcoal filter included with purchase

Why Ceramic Is The Best

Unlike cheaper plastic bowls, ceramic pet fountains are more durable. Plastic is susceptible to scratches making them a magnet for bacteria which is a major cause of feline acne. These scratches that build-up from normal use will make the bowl near impossible to clean properly.

Ceramic on the other hand, stands up to use and is resistant to scratches. Ceramic is also heavier making these pet fountains much sturdier. Playing pets will have a harder time knocking over the Ceramic Pet fountain versus cheaper plastic counterparts.

Is Your Cat Drinking Enough Water?

Ceramic pet fountains are ideal for any pet, but especially cats since they are so picky about their water. Many cats don’t drink enough water, which can quickly lead to bladder crystals, urinary tract infections and other health problems – even kidney failure.

Water aids with the digestion process, vitamin absorption and regulation of body temperature. If your cat throws up after eating, he may need more water in his diet.

Cats are known for their pricey vet bills, but many health issues can be prevented by simply drinking more water! Many pet owners report increased water consumption as soon as they switch to a Ceramic Pet Fountain. Order yours now to make sure your beloved pets are getting plenty of fresh water to keep them healthy.

Instructions & Cleaning

Ceramic Pet Fountain Instruction Manual

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