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Bark Control Birdhouse
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Bark Control Birdhouse
  • Safe And Effective For All Sizes And Breeds Of Dogs
  • Detects Barking Up To 50 Feet Away
  • Designed For Easy Hanging And Mounting
  • 4 Correction Settings Including Test Mode
  • Durable and Weatherproof, Powered by 9 Volt Battery

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Bark Control Birdhouse 

The Bark Control Birdhouse is your solution to stop barking. Backed by a 45 Day Guarantee, 1 year Warranty and the support of our Bark Control Experts, you can control barking. 

Here's How It Works: 

1. A sensor detects barking up to 50 ft. away. 
2. In response, ultrasonic sound is emitted. Most humans can't hear ultrasound, however, it is annoying to dogs. 
3. This cycle continues - barking is detected, then ultrasonic sound is sent out automatically. 
4. After a short training period, dogs associate this unpleasant noise with their barking and learn to be quiet. 

Keep These Things in Mind: 

* Instinctual vs. Boredom Barking. The Anti-Bark Birdhouse is designed to stop boredom barking. It will have less effect on instinctual barking triggered by intruders or other animals. 
* Ultrasonic sound can't travel through solid objects. Barriers like fences will block ultrasound. The device needs a clear line of sight with the dogs. 
* Dogs can be stubborn. Most will take up to a few weeks to train. Our 45 Day Guarantee allows you time to test the Anti-Bark Birdhouse for your situation. 

Stop Your Dog Or Your Neighbor's Dog From Barking. The Entire Neighborhood Will Thank You. You'll rediscover peace and quiet with our highly requested Bark Control Devices. Our bark control units are humane and designed to give you back your bark free life! Act now to train your dog or your Neighbor's Dog to stop barking.
All Good Life® branded products are backed by our iron-clad 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.

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