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The Guardian Classic - Pre-Owned

The Guardian Classic - Pre-Owned

All the Bells & Whistles of a New Guardian, but at a Discounted Price!

Pre-Owned units were simply purchased and returned by other customers. They are usually returned looking new and nothing is wrong with them except for a little scratch or dent. Regardless of the reason for return, each unit is fully tested & certified to work like new.

Not only does buying pre-owned save you money, it's also a great way to help the environment. By re-selling these gently used units they don't have to be disposed of. It's a win-win solution!

Guaranteed? Absolutely.

Every pre-owned unit is fully backed by our 45 Day Money Back Guarantee and 6 Month Manufacturer's Warranty. Products sold as pre-owned are just that. They have not been taken apart, rebuilt, replaced or otherwise tampered with. If we find something's not working, we won't re-sell it.

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Pre-Owned Guardian Protection Plan

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Features include:
-Continuous or Motion Sensor Activated
-100 ft Motion Sensor Range
-5000 sq ft Sound Distance (Choice of Audible or Inaudible Sound)
-Exclusive Keychain Remote (up to 80 ft)
-Safe and Humane
-Select a Pest™ Technology
-Strobe Light
-Adjustable Sensor Sensitivity
-Weather Resistant
-Battery or AC Powered (110V AC Adaptor included)
-45 Day Money Back Guarantee
-6 Month Manufacturer Warranty

The Most Sophisticated Pest Repeller On The Market

The Guardian™ by Good Life® is the industry's first indoor/outdoor pest repeller and carefully designed with a tremendous amount of research and investment. Unlike most pest repellers that have one attention-grabbing gimmick, The Guardian™ encompasses every conventional and innovative pest-repelling technique while staying completely affordable. This humane device emits different noise frequencies to ward off pests instead of using poisonous chemicals, making it the safest and most environmentally-friendly pest repeller on the market.

You can custom set The Guardian™ to fit any of your pest problem needs with a simple set of controls. The Guardian™ even offers services beyond repelling pests like working as an intruder alarm with a protective police-like siren. This feature-packed pest repeller offers the latest in technology and is unparalleled in success. Good Life® has several patents protecting The Guardian’s™ superior technology and we are confident it will take years before the competition catches up.

How it Works: Using a motion-sensitive sensor to detect anything from a scurrying opossum to a fluttering bat, The Guardian™ sends out a range of sonic and ultrasonic (inaudible to humans) frequencies that frighten away a large variety of pests. The Guardian™ emits sound pitches specific to different animals, allowing you to repel a wide variety of pests.

Beating the Competition: The Guardian's™ hands-down the best deal you will find. This revolutionary device repels more pests in a larger area than any other repeller on the market. The Guardian™ covers every customer need from durability to portability while staying completely affordable. No other pest repeller incorporates so many features.

Customization: The Guardian™ offers the most in customizability compared to any other pest repeller. You can tailor The Guardian™ to your specific pest problems; whether it’s adjusting the frequency pitch, choosing which pests to repel or even controlling the volume and motion sensor. The Guardian™ is literally a perfect match for you and makes repelling pests easy.

Safety: Unlike some pest controls that use dangerous, sometimes poisonous means of ridding pests, The Guardian™ uses ultrasonic sound frequencies that are slightly audible to humans to scare away animals and insects. The Guardian™ is a humane option to fixing your pest problems and includes features such as a strobe light and intrusive sonic blasts to warn away prowlers. Say goodbye to rat poison, harmful chemicals or worrying about your children and pets.

Adjustable Sensor and Volume Control: The Guardian™ has an exclusive adjustable motion sensor that lets you repel pests anywhere from 5 feet to 100 feet. With just the switch of a dial, this special function drives away the neighbor's cat from your garden without scaring away the squirrels on your patio. The Guardian's™ volume control goes one step further and allows you to take the pest repeller indoors — making The Guardian™ the world’s first indoor and outdoor animal repeller.

Sound Sweep and Select a Pest Technology: Our Select A Pest™ technology gives you the means of setting The Guardian™ for a particular pest. Get rid of that ticking stink bomb of a skunk under your deck without sending your pet bird into a frenzy. We’ve gone even one step further with our revolutionary Sound Sweep™ technology and incorporated fluctuating noise frequencies that target pests with the most pest-repelling frequency. These two features combined make The Guardian™ unparalleled in repelling power.

Keychain Remote: That pesky raccoon is digging through the garbage again and is just out of range of The Guardian's™ motion sensor! No need to panic, no need to adjust the position of the sensor just use your keychain remote to activate The Guardian™ and that furry masked bandit will leave your trash can alone. The Guardian's™ remote control not only makes life easier by giving you the power to activate the pest repeller whenever you want, but also provides you the freedom to activate The Guardian™ from over one thousand feet away.

Strobe Light and Alarm Mode: Nighttime sometimes brings out the worst pests. That's why we've installed a strobe light in The Guardian™ to ward off nighttime visitors with a disorienting flashing light. However, not all nighttime visitors are animals. The high-pitched alarm mode and strobe light are also ingenious ways to scare off any unsavory people sneaking around your property with a sound that can be heard up to 2,000 feet away.

Rain Jacket: Good Life® has taken extra precautions to keep The Guardian™ water proof by providing a custom-fitted clear plastic rain jacket so your pest repeller can weather all elements. Unlike other units where water eventually seeps into the device and destroys the mechanics, The Guardian's™ jacket protects it from rain, snow and wind to keep it functioning year round.

Power Options: The Guardian can be operated with the included 6ft AC Adapter, or with four D-size batteries.


7.25" Tall (~18.5 cm)
5.25" Wide (~13.3 cm)
3.5" Deep (~9 cm)

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