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Pest Repeller Ultimate AT - Pre-Owned
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Pest Repeller Ultimate AT - Pre-Owned

All the Bells & Whistles of a New Ultimate AT, but at a Discounted Price!

Pre-Owned units were simply purchased and returned by other customers. They are usually returned looking new and nothing is wrong with them except for a little scratch or dent. Regardless of the reason for return, each unit is fully tested & certified to work like new.

Not only does buying pre-owned save you money, it's also a great way to help the environment. By re-selling these gently used units they don't have to be disposed of. It's a win-win solution!

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Guaranteed? Absolutely.

Every pre-owned unit is fully backed by our 45 Day Money Back Guarantee and 6 Month Manufacturer's Warranty. Products sold as pre-owned are just that. They have not been taken apart, rebuilt, replaced or otherwise tampered with. If we find something's not working, we won't re-sell it.

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Ultimate AT Optional Protection Plan

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Good Life Inc. has created the breakthrough in the pest repeller market! The all new Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT (Advanced Technology) wipes out the competition with high tech digital power and similar repelling fundamentals to the Original and Ultimate II Pest Repellers®. We’ve added innovative upgrades like second generation Electro-Vibrawave® technology that penetrates deep into your walls where pests hide by sending irritating vibrations through your wiring. This unique unit includes a high pressure transducer that emits an ultrasonic sound unmatched by other repellers by bouncing off walls so there is no safe place for pests. Our third added feature is the revolutionary Ultra-Ionic™ technology that cleans the air you breathe and serves as additional reinforcement against pests. To top it off we included a plug for appliances and automatic night light for your convenience.

The Ultimate AT is our newest and strongest pest repeller with tremendous ion pumping power and louder ultrasonic sound waves that no pest can escape. Totally redesigned with a built-in plug on the side for outlet versatility, this revolutionary pest control unit turns your home or office into a fortress against pests. Right now you may be counting the seconds before you see your next cockroach or ant, but with the Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT you’ll never have to look twice again.

PestRepeller Ultimate® AT Offers:
  1. High Pressure Ultrasonic Frequencies:
    We use the most modern Ultrasonic technology and equipment. The high pressure energy transducer pulses powerful ultrasonic frequencies that ricochet off walls and objects so the sound is impossible to avoid. Although the frequencies are inaudible to humans and most large animals, rodents and insects get pounded by the daunting sound constantly. What would life be like without pests? Find out with the Ultimate AT.
  2. Second Generation Electro-Vibrawave®
    The all new Electro-Vibrawave® technology uses Electromagnetic waves that flow through your wiring to repel pests nesting behind walls and inside cracks. Feel comfortable knowing pests you can't even see are being driven out in floods. This method is completely safe and environmentally-friendly.
  3. Ultra-Ionic™ Pest Control Technology
    Imagine the electricity you feel right before a thunder storm – it’s a daunting sensation. The Ultimate AT creates a similar feeling by emitting a stream of negative ions that charge the air and force pests to seek shelter elsewhere. The same negative ions pull pollutants such as odors, bacteria and dust mites from the atmosphere and purify the air you breathe. As you take a deep breath of fresh air, know your home is also cleansed of filthy insects and rodents.
  4. Bright Blue LED
    This energy-conserving night light automatically illuminates dark corners and hallways with a soft glow. Now you can walk through your house for a midnight snack without bumping into objects. If you’d rather not use the night light, no problem. You can turn it on or off with the click of a switch.
  5. A/C Pass Through (Extra Plug In)
    We take convenience to a new level. Remember how annoying it is when a bulky appliance takes up your entire wall socket? Even though the Ultimate AT is attractively compact, we added an extra plug-in on the side of the unit so you have an additional socket for any electrical device. Not Included with 220 volt versions.
  • Size: 120 x 70 x 45 mm (approx.)
  • Covers up to 5,000 Sq. Ft.
  • Power: AC 110v 60hz
  • Power consumption: 5-9 W (Max.)
  • Pulse interval:
    • Ultrasonic wave: 1 sec.~ 4 sec. on, 0.5 sec.~ 2 sec. off
    • Magnetic wave: 0.5 sec ~ 2 sec. on, 1 sec. ~ 4 sec. off

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