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Air Ion Counter
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Air Ion Counter
This Air Ion Counter is a substantial improvement over previously available ion meters, and it can make ion measurement available to anyone. It costs less than any other air ion meter and is smaller and easier to use, requiring only one 9V battery. Despite this, it has the same sensitivity (down to 10 ions per cubic centimeter) of very expensive meters. Due to full electrostatic shielding and a fan throughput of 800 cubic centimeters/sec., it can make accurate readings even in adverse conditions such as gusty winds or strong electrostatic fields.

Sale Price:

Air Ion Counter Battery Option

Ion Sensitivity

2 million ions/cm3 
20 million ions/cm3 + $20.00 
200 million ions/cm3 + $20.00 

Optional Power Source

Add External Power Adapter (US 60hz only) + $50.00 

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The Air Ion Counter can be used for the detection of natural and artificial ions. Natural ions include those generated from the decay of radioactive minerals and radon gas; ions generated by fires, lightning, and evaporating water; and ions associated with storm activity. Note that in fair weather at sea level, typical ion counts are about 300 to 800 negative and 400 to 1000 positive ions per cubic centimeter. Before a storm, positive ions increase dramatically. During a storm, negative ions increase.

The Ion Counter can gauge the output and coverage of artificial sources such as ion generators, improperly grounded air conditioning vents, combustion vapor and electrically charged or heated surfaces, and plasma-discharge ions in air and other gases.

Range: 10-1,999,000 ions/cm3.

Accuracy: ± 25% for fast ions (mobility greater than 8x10-5 m/s per V/m, which is the majority of ions).

Settling time: 2 seconds.

Noise level: about 10 ions/cm3 (over a 10-second period).

Ion selectivity : 1:5000 (crosstalk of, for example, negative ions when measuring positive ions).

Warranty: One year.

Battery (included): common 9-volt rectangular battery, life approximately 10 hours on STANDBY, or 2 hours on MEASURE. "LO BATT" indicates at 7.5 Volts per battery.

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