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Dog-Off Pro
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Dog-Off Pro

The safe and effective way to target your pet's problem behavior!

Train your dog safely and effectively with the new Dog Off Pro Series. This handheld product is designed to release an ultrasonic sound wave that is only audible to dogs. The ultrasonic sound emitted by Dog Off gets a dog's attention and helps stop it in its' tracks. The sound is irritating to canines, but inaudible to humans. Dog Off Pro is an excellent tool for training your dog away from bad habits at home or outside.

We no longer sell this product, but check out the upgraded version, the OnGuardâ„¢, on our new site!

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No more dogs digging through your trash or tearing up your garden! Teach your dog what furniture they are not allowed on! Dog-Off Pro Series also features a built-in mini flashlight for evening use, as well as an alarm that features a 120dB audible siren with the push of a button.

Detail & Specifications
This lightweight, compact and ergonomically designed handheld unit can be used indoors or outdoors, and can be heard by dogs up to 25 ft. away. Dog-off can be used as a training device. Use the high-pitch signal to train a dog and correct its behavior. Train your dog from jumping on furniture, bad chewing habits or other unwanted activities by pushing and releasing one button for a quick, corrective ultrasonic burst.

Product Features

  • Dog Off button for Ultrasonic Corrective Training inaudible to humans
  • Alarm Button emits a 120db audible siren
  • Handy built-in Flashlight for evening use
  • Safe and Humane
  • Ergonomic, attractive and sporty design clips on belt or fits hand comfortably
  • Runs on one 9 volt battery (Not included)
  • Product dimensions are: 3.75" tall, 2.5" wide, 1.25" thick (not including the belt clip)

Important Notes:

We recommend you do not use ultrasonic bark control devices in combination with invisible fence systems. This may cause confusion and interfere with the dog's training.

The Dog Off Pro is a training device. If using it as an anti-bark device, please allow up to 2-3 weeks for optimal results.

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