Good Life® Privacy Policy

At Good Life we strive to provide our customers with easy access to the highest quality products on the market. We have built a strong online reputation by ensuring our customer’s information is safe and secure.

Protecting your personal identifying data both online and offline is our biggest commitment. By purchasing our products, you are joining the Good Life family where innovation and convenience come together, and trust is the foundation.

When placing an order online we only need information that is crucial to the context of the order process. We generally ask for your first and last name, billing address, shipping address, e-mail address, telephone number, what type of product you are ordering, and your credit card information for the general purpose of fulfilling your order. Good Life will never share or sell personal information to any third-party entity for any reason.

Collection of Protection of Personal Data

When you place an order on a Good Life website your information is protected by a secure HTTPS: Server which encrypts your information to further ensure its security. Using cookies, we monitor information such as products viewed and the time spent browsing specific webpages.

We will track the number of visitors to a specific URL, the date and time of that visit, and the geological region from which that website was visited. This is done strictly for analytic purposes and to measure the effectiveness of our online content. In doing so, we can improve our customer service agenda, offer additional products through advertisements, and ensure the most fulfilling shopping experience while on our websites.

We collect data such as names, phone numbers, and addresses in order to keep our customers updated about their orders. Again, we will not contact our customers via email or phone unless it pertains to the completion of an order or the customer has specifically requested information. Exceptions include those on our mailing list.

Mailing Lists

During your order process, you will have to the option to become part of our mailing list and receive occasional notifications about new products, sales, and helpful tips from Good Life. While on our mailing list, if at any time you wish to opt out and no longer receive notifications, you are free to do so. Just click the unsubscribe link located in any of the update or special discount emails that you receive from us.

Good Life is interested in keeping you as a satisfied consumer and we do everything we can to provide you the best service possible and protect your privacy.

Why We Require This Information

Credit/Bank Card: First and foremost, to protect the identity and assets of our customers, Good Life does not store any credit card information after the order is placed. Credit card information is only used to process payment at the point of sale.

Name and Billing/Shipping Information: Other than knowing where to send the product, your name and billing/shipping information helps verify your method of payment. This information is stored so that our customers have easy access to past order information and can conveniently place new orders in the future.

Email/Telephone Number: Good Life will never send emails to customers unless that customer requests to have information sent to them or is part of our mailing list. Exceptions to this include moments when correspondence is needed to complete an order, or when information needs to be verified to ensure protection of said information. The same applies to personal correspondence made over the telephone.

From time to time you may want to update your information with us and that can be done by contacting us toll free at 1-800-657-8214 or through the e-mail address provided on our websites. Thank you again for choosing Good Life®.