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"I must say I was skeptical when I ordered this product. Once I tried it, it freaked my Australian Shepherd out so badly that I almost packed it up and sent it back. I didn't. I gave it a chance and lowered the setting. Now, all I have to say is Bark Box if she starts barking and she stops immediately. I no longer even have to turn it on for her. I run a dog boarding service out of my home. When I get a problem whiner or barker at night, I crate the dog and place the Dog Silencer near the crate. Within minutes, the dog has figured it out and we have a good, quiet sleep, including all the dogs that are not barking. I am so happy with this product. It has made life around my canine camp much quieter. The neighbors are extremely grateful also!"

Sharon C. - West Milford, NY

"I love this product. [The Dog Silencer] has helped me with my two small dogs. I would recommend it to everyone! Thank you."

Betty G. - Kearney, MO

"We are thrilled! Not three hours after plugging in the latest Dog Silencer (not Pro), our two dogs have not barked in over 4 days. It is beyond amazing! Even with their friendly squirrel, who runs around the trees and fence taunting them, they hold their bark. They chase, but they do not bark. I have never written a review before, but I felt compelled for this excellent and mind-boggling product! I called all my friends with dogs and let them know about this great product. Thank you, Good Life!"

Lynne D. - Venice, CA

"My new neighbors have a small indoor dog that they leave outside to do its business. All it does is bark non-stop for hours until they let it back inside. I couldn't even go out to cook on my grill without it growling and barking non-stop even louder at me. After a little research on bark controls and customer reviews, I decided the Dog Silencer seemed like the best option for me to try despite the cost comparison for a cheaper product. After I received it in the mail and set it to activate on silent mode at the distance I needed, about 25 feet, I went outside. The dog was already out barking when I did. No sooner did [the dog] activate the Dog Silencer, the pooch spun, cowered in confusion and shut right up. It didn't even come at me barking like usual with its hair standing up on end. The Dog Silencer worked instantly. Was I impressed? Was I please? Was the Dog Silencer worth the investment? Most definitely. I've used it a few months so far and it continues to keep the once vocal little pooch at bay. I would recommend the Dog Silencer to anyone who has a dog or neighbor's dog with a barking issue that's out of control. UPDATE: I am glad that [Good Life] has an effective and humane training device that not only I can appreciate but also a few close neighbors that thanked me because they are now enjoying some peace and quiet again, too. Thanks again for such a great product."

John A. - Carbondale, PA

"What I now call the "BARKINATOR" is working incredibly. I've had problems for years with the neighbor's dog. The Dog Silencer worked almost immediately. This product will change peoples' lives and I can honestly say that as a fact. Thank you so much."

Virgil W. - Grand Junction, CO

"The Dog Silencer works! We have a new life with a wonderfully calm dog. I have ordered the handheld device [OnGuard] for our walks. Thanks."

Sharon B. - Wake Forest, NC

"Can I just say I am so overwhelmed at the speed with which both of these products have worked. For 2 years now, my golden Labrador has consistently barked in the house and outside on walks at other dogs. I have spent an absolute fortune for pet behaviorists to tell me "Oh, he's leash reactive and it will take a long time of constant training to get him to stop." Well, I'm pleased to say with the Dog Silencer and OnGuard I have proven them wrong. I have had the devices for nearly a week and my dog reacts amazingly well to them. I just want to say a big thank you for making my life so much easier and quieter. Thank you."

Dawn M. - United Kingdom

"We purchased the Dog Silencer Pro and it has been fabulous! It worked almost immediately and has made our home a peaceful place again. Thank you so, so much!"

Rebecca P. - Australia

"This product is great for me. There is a lot of dogs in my neighborhood along with two dogs that I have. They get really loud and annoying at times, especially when it is mating season for them. The Dog Silencer Pro allows me to silence them just by touching a button, then I get a peaceful sleep throughout the nights. It is not harmful to them in anyway. It just helps to silence them when they're making too much noise. Sometimes, my neighbors' dogs will bark continuously for no reason. They will bark at even a tiny bird. Having the Dog Silencer Pro gives me a better advantage. It is so convenient because you can stay far away and silence them from your car, garden, or house. I like that the price is reasonable. This is a great device to have."

Lafaine S. - USA

"Amazing [Dog Silencer Pro.] After 2 years, I feel like I can finally move around my own house without getting barking at loudly by neighbor's Maremma cooped up in a small inner suburb yard. Thank you for having a means to save my sanity. We did think it was expensive, but will reassess after 106 days of less stress from nuisance barking. Thank you so much."

Arisa Y. - Japan

"After moving to a new location two months ago, we have been driven crazy by the half dozen bloodhounds, retrievers and beagles housed across the alleyway behind our property. The nonstop barking and howling made everyone grumpy and work all but stopped. Even the customers on the phone were asking us to shut off the "background noise" as it was making what our employees said hard to understand. Over a 100 calls to local law enforcement has produced no results, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. I ordered the Dog Silencer Pro and installed it on a storage shed close to the alley where the dogs are chained. In less than 12 hours, the barking and howling have all but stopped. What noise there is does not last but a few seconds. HEAVENLY! THANK YOU for giving us back our sanity and allowing us to do our jobs once more. Best investment I ever made."

Kathy R. - Linton, IN

"The [Dog Silencer Pro] worked a miracle for my nonstop barking Chihuahua. From the moment it was plugged in, there one "woof" and never another bark. THANK YOU!"

Patricia G. - Atlanta, GA

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