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"Just wanted to say I bought the Thundershirt yesterday in preparation for tonight, July 4th, and all the noise that fireworks make. I have an 11-year-old Jack Russell, who goes crazy any time there are fireworks. He stresses out so bad I jus didn't know what to do. I hate to drug him, but I hate seeing him pace, bark and cry for hours. I figured I would give this a try. Even though, it was quite a bit of money, I have to say that $39.99 was well worth it. My dog literally fell asleep next to me for hours! This thing is AMAZING! Thank you, thank you."

Cindi - USA

"Thank you so much. It has only been 3 days and already it is working. My dog is not barking anywhere near as much as he used to. He used to bark at passing cards, postman, people walking by and even shadows. Now, he only barks once or twice and that's it. We tried the usual training methods and even an ultrasonic collar. They didn't work. After complaints from the neighbor, we resorted to the shock collar. It didn't really work and I felt awful putting it on him, so I took it off. His barking only got worse. When I saw [the Dog Silencer], I thought it was another gimmick. Even when I saw the video, I found it hard to believe. In the end, I thought I'll give it a go. If it doesn't work, I'll send it back. The first night it was on, he stopped. I thought this had to be a fluke. Three days later, still quiet. It has been so nice having no neighbors' complaints and not having to race outside to chase the dog in. Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH. I would love for you to share my story. Tears of joy :)"

Desy - USA

"This [Dog Silencer] really works. We have lived in misery for 1+ years: neighbors with 11 barking dogs. It's hell with no sleep and you've got to go to work. Not the dog's fault, no help from law enforcement or county commission, and at the end of our rope. Now, no barking dogs! Thank you. You all have saved some lives."

Kathy M. - Lindside, WV

"I wanted to take a moment and thank you for your effective product. My family and I moved into our new home three weeks ago and our neighbor's three terroers barked incessantly whenever we stepped into the backyard. They would even bark if they heard us talking in our house. Once we realized that the owner had no intention of correcting their bad behavior, we decided to take a chance and buy the Dog Silencer. Within 30 seconds of setup on the ultrasonic setting, two of the three dogs immediately stopped barking and retreated to another part of the yard. The leader of the pack was a bit harder to discourage, so I set the Dog Silencer to audio to test. The combination of the high-pitched and ultrasonic frequencies stopped all three dogs in their tracks, sending them running back to their house. For the last two days, all I have heard is silence. I can work or play with my kids in the backyard for hours on end and the dogs are just gone. I spend $100 and feel like I won the lottery! I am grateful and I know my other neighbors are grateful as well. Thank you!"

Augustus G. - West Linn, OR

"Greetings! I would like to give some feedback regarding the Dog Silencer I purchased a little under a month ago. I am pleased to say that this device appears to work. My house is in a neighborhood with many dogs. We have dogs on either side of our property. Whenever my wife goes into the backyard, they run off at the mouth, barking. We set up the Dog Silencer on the window sill in a room at the top of our house to give it the best coverage possible. Now when we go into the backyard, the most noise we get are muffled "woofs" and only one or two. My wife and I are quite happy that we finally have some peace and quiet in our own backyard."

Rich M. - Canada

"All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you. We just bough a lovely, perfect house for us and the only thing ruining our peace, including sleep, was a neighbor's two dogs behind us. These two dogs are tormented and seriously neglected. After a little research and reading reviews, I bought the Dog Silencer Pro. It arrived last night, so I put a batter in and sat it out back. Of course, the dogs barked at me for a while. They did not like the Dog Silencer Pro, but then haaaa . . . silence ALL night and ALL day today now! I am too impressed. This is priceless. The instructions said to wait 2 - 3 weeks; heck, I have my peace already. These dogs realized very quickly that "barking for no reason" is not good for their ears. I cannot thank you enough. I'm telling everyone this is the way to solve the barking dog headaches!"

Steve F. - Farmington Hills, MI

"We are very happy with the Dog Silencer Pro. It has solved are problem with a neighbor's barking dogs and in short order. I had intended to put it in a birdhouse in a tree next to the neighbor's 6-foot wooden fence. Instead, we have had good results just setting it on our deck rail, which is the same height and 75 feet away. We just plugged it into the house current and used the remote when the dogs would bark. They got the message fast. Thanks for a reliable product that really works."

Ronald H. - Dothan, AL

"Wow! Did [the Dog Silencer] ever work fast. Stopped a bark schnauzer in less than 10 minutes. I have heard nothing from the dog in three days! Oh, the silence is golden! Thank you, Good Life. UPDATE: By the way, the next door neighbor's dogs have stopped barking also."

Anonymous - Modesto, CA

"I was totally skeptical about [the Dog Silencer], but it took only 1 day and my two Maltese dogs have almost totally stopped barking. We have a full glass front door that entices our dogs to bark at every movement, including birds, leaves and the sprinkler. I am so surprised and happy that we can enjoy sitting in our family room now without the constant barking."

Ginger B. - Florida, USA

"I was skeptical about buying the Dog Silencer. In the past, I purchased another brand of bark control and it was an absolute waste of money [as] it did not work at all. I have a Great Pyrenees and beagle. They are both about 18 months old and bark constantly. This is my third day of using the Dog Silencer outside. My family has already noticed a big difference in the amount of barking from our dogs. The Dog Silencer has exceeded my expectations. "

Gordon B. - Crescent City, CA

"I have one Dog Silencer and it works great."

Brad W. - Dallas, TX

"I just want to say how thrilled we are with our Dog Silencer! I am amazed that it worked right away. We have it set to the very low bark monitoring, so that we can just use the remote when needed and do not have to worry that it's going off when it shouldn't. It has decreased our dog's barking by about 1000%. When she does bark, we just buzz her a few times. She settles down in seconds instead of the very long minutes it used to take. Thank you so much!"

Jennifer B. - Wyndmoor, PA

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