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"I keep the unit inside the house next to a window. We have two large German Shepherds. They get mischievous sometimes. The Dog Silencer Pro will cause them to stop misbehaving and go to their room. It helped up to be able to address behavior problems beyond yelling at them out the back door."

Jerry H. - Richmond, TX

"Bravo! The [Dog Silencer] is exceptional product. My house is surrounded by 6 dogs with 4 different owners and 3 of them were tireless barking. When he began, 15 to 20 minutes passed without stopping. For 3 weeks, I have the [Dog Silencer.] Since the last few days, I only hear a dog occasionally for short periods of time. Thanks. We were looking to move, but with this solution, we will stay. This is really what we like."

Joaquin C. - Spain

"I can't believe how good the Dog Silencer works. Excellent product. Thank you so much."

Trevor H. - Moxee, WA

"Received my order very quickly. More than satisfied as [the BarkWise] has done wonders with our loud Doxie. The training period was very short and he tolerates it well. There is no pain to him - Not like our previous sound/shock collars."

Ronald M. - Lansing, MI

"Did your neighbors ask for your input regarding their decision to get the world’s stupidest dog that barks at the sky for hours on end? Didn’t think so. With that in mind, you need feel no guilt purchasing this miracle-device to quiet their obnoxious yapper. In a perfect world, said neighbor would buy this [Dog Silencer] unit for you, but that’s probably not gonna happen either. Even so, the peace and quiet you’ll enjoy is worth many times the price of purchase so it will probably be one of the best investments you can make. It’s much cheaper than moving! As you can probably tell by now, we love [the Dog Silencer] and highly recommend it. If your own dog is the yapper, this is a great way to correct the barking and probably nicer than a shock-collar. It will make you a much better neighbor. Use the AC adapter to eliminate the need to change batteries (can’t do that with a shock-collar)."

Bill E. - Kaysville, UT

"I am totally amazed at how well this [Dog Silencer] works. Dogs that I thought could not be made to stop barking have become enjoyable again instead of annoying. I sleep through the night now. A product that does actually work!!"

Brent S. - USA

"My wife and I were at our wits end trying to discipline correctly our four month old German Wire-Haired Pointer for pointless, repetitive barking. This was not an example of territorial or threat barking. We felt it was just barking out of frustration. Being retired, I could exercise the pup twice a day for at least an hour each time in an effor to get rid of the excess energy we felt contributed to his barking. I have tried bark collars in the past on another dog, but didn't want to leave the collar on the dog for as long as it took because it left marks on his throat. Finally, out of desperation, we came upon the Dog Silencer. Your information stated that it may take two weeks for the unit to work on the dog. This made me skeptical. However, your 45 day return policy made me feel more at ease. After all, if it didn't meet our needs by then, it wasn't going to work at all and we weren't out the cost of the unit. At first, it seemed the Dog Silencer wasn't going to work, but we were patient. The change happened almost without us making note of it. Sure enough, as if on cue, he stopped the senseless barking. Now, he only barks when a strange dog comes down the alley. The Dog Silencer really saved the day for us and our neighbors."

Mike K. - Mabel, MN

"We live in rural France and have a neighbor some 200 feet away that has 2 mad collies that bark at anyone who walks along the footpath by their house. Despite asking him to train his dogs or use an anti-bark collar, he basically told us to get lost. Well, I have used handheld Dazers in my work and I am also English, so I decided to give his dogs a bit of modern technology. I set the Dog Silencer up at first floor level, pointing towards his garden and footpath. Whenever the dogs bark, it zaps them. I have it on audible mode, so the neighbor can hear it, too. He doesn't like it either, so maybe he will train his dogs. It does not always pick up the barking as the microphone range is not as far as the ultrasonic range. Although, the barking is often annoying, even on high sensitivity, the odd bark can go unnoticed. That's when the key fob is useful. It works from a long way off; even when I am in the garden 100 yards from the unit, it will set it off. It has taken about a week for the dogs to get the message. Don't expect instant results. The website says about 3 weeks, but it really does work. Also, it does not affect my dogs at all. Since it points towards the neighbor, my dogs don't even notice it. So many thanks and I hope my testimonial is of use to others."

Jonathan L. - France

"Your [Dog Silencer] is absolutely fantastic. One of my neighbors has one of those tiny dogs that has an extremely, irritating high-pitched bark. Their dog barking at everything (i.e. the sound of the water running through our pipes) and the owners would let it bark at our fence unabated. This dog used to bark non-stop day and night. Once the owners found out that we didn't appreciate the barking, they would purposely let the dog out as soon as they saw our lights go out at night. Out of utter desperation, I purchase the Dog Silencer a couple of weeks ago. I set it up inside at a window as these neighbors, who are well known to the police. I am astonished at the results! At first, the time that the dog spent barking was reduced. Then the barking grew softer and changed. Now, the dog is too scared to even come near our fence line! ONE pathetic bark today. I am over the moon. I will recommend this to EVERYONE."

Anonymous - Australia

"Love the [BarkWise]! My good little dog responds readily to my remote control! No need to have it on automatic. In reality, it has become a training tool more than a bark inhibitor. I've recommended it to several other dog owners living here in my retirement community."

P.A.T. - Catonsville, MD

" I am always a bit doubtful of testimonials when I read them as one never knows if it is just the company writing them to bolster sales of their product or if they are actual testimonials. I recently purchased the Dog Silencer and just had to send my own testimonial. I wish I hadn't waited a year to purchase the Dog Silencer because the testimonials on this website are bang on! The product is absolutely incredible. Had I not purchased it and witnessed the results for myself, I'm not sure I would have believed it. I ordered the product to silence a very annoying, barking dog next door. This dog barks from the second they let it outside and has done so since it was a puppy. It is now 3 or 4 years old and I finally got really tired of listening to it. We hear it from inside the house and it even barks at us when are outside enjoying our own yard! I received the product within a week and set it up right away. Within the first 24 hours, the silence was noticeable to the point that I asked my husband if he though that perhaps the dog wasn't home. Over the next few days, I really started to think that he must be away because it was so quiet until he barked once - then nothing more! He did that another couple of times, but that was it. I am truly amazed at not only how quickly it worked but at how well it works! Thank you so much for returning our peaceful neighborhood to us. I will definitely be singing the praises of this incredible product. Very happy neighbor in Canada."

Gwyneth C. - Canada

"On nice evenings, we like to sleep with our window open. But with the totally untrained two German Shepherds next to us, that is impossible. They are on a fenced 5-acre lot, sleep all day and bark all night, no matter what the weather. They bark at the moon, bark at leaves and bark at each other. Bark, bark, bark! But that is all in the past. This Dog Silencer is wonderful and does the job efficiently. The dogs still bark but only way over on the other side, not near us. We are back to the peace and quiet of the country again - with our window open. It really is a great product and I'm finding other people having the same problem, so passed along your website to them."

Kathleen A - Illinois, USA

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