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"On 12/19/06 I ordered 2 of your Pest Repeller Ultimate ATs out of total desperation at the ant invasion I had been experiencing. While I don’t like using poisons, I had used ant bait which had worked in previous years, but it only seemed to make the problem worse. Eventually I did some online research only to discover that there are Argentinean ants which have invaded Northern California some time ago. They have multiple queens so that ant baits and other usual means of managing infestations in homes do not work. On the same Google page as my search results I saw your ad and decided to try your pricey electronic gadgets out of desperation. I ordered two, removed the ant bait and found that over the next few weeks the ants had significantly subsided. I immediately brought the one I'd installed downstairs in a hallway, where there were also ants, but not as many, into the kitchen. Within days ants began to circulate in that downstairs area and now, about a week after putting your pest controller in the kitchen, the ants are minimal up there. I'm a believer! In my experience, they work on these Argentine ants that nothing else really works on! Thanks for the great product!"

Nicki M. - San Francisco, CA

"I live in a townhouse that adjoins 5 houses. Recently, due to poor roof maintenance of 3 neighbors, squirrels entered the crawl space of all of our roofs. Our bedroom became severely infested with squirrels nesting and breeding behind the walls and ceiling of our bedroom. We endured the nuisance of clawing and scratching for weeks, helpless to do anything about these squirrels while we waited for our neighbors to replace their roofs. We also feared the damage these critters can do to a home. After a thorough search of the internet, I purchased 2 of the "Pest Repeller Ultimate AT" devices. I plugged them in, 1 on each all of infestation, as soon as I received them and experienced IMMEDIATE relief! Every evening around dusk, we could hear the squirrels re-entering their nests in our walls. But after installing the Pest Repellers, we heard NOTHING! No longer must my family and I endure the ongoing nuisance such as scratching and clawing these critters can cause. The units are also reasonably priced. My family and I can enjoy our home again! Thank you so much for these devices! Hopefully, this testimonial can help someone else plagued with pests! These devices REALLY work!"

Donna A. -

"We live in the country and have mice and squirrels running through our yard frequently. About two months ago, I was sitting at our computer and heard a scratching sound. A mouse was coming out of our a/c floor register. A couple of days later, we could hear a mouse scratching in one of our cupboards. I immediately ordered the Ultimate AT Pest Repeller, after reading many good testimonials. I ordered several for the house, and I also ordered one for my husband's storage building. We haven't seen any signs of mice since we plugged in the units. We keep birdseed in the storage building and have been particularly impressed that we haven't had any mice in the unit. I would strongly recommend these units. We had tried other brands in the past, but they just weren't effective. We certainly won't be without these units in the future."

Angela D. - Louisiana

"I live in a house that has two floors and we had rats running through our ceilings and walls. My downstairs neighbors wanted to use poison or traps and I asked them not to since I couldn't see myself using something like that on an animal even though they were rats. I bought the Pest Repeller Ultimate AT Digital not really thinking it would work. After two weeks I kept hearing them and thought the product was [not working]. But then three weeks to the day of plugging in the two units, everything was quiet. The rats were finally driven out. We were very excited that we found a product that worked where you didn't have to torture (too much) the rats or kill them and then have to deal with the mess afterward. What a relief! It's one of those products that people are wary of actually working but to our surprise it did. Thank you."

Karen P. -

"I ordered 2 of the Pest Repeller Ultimate SG units because of a BIG problem with ants coming into my house, virtually year round, but worse during the summer. I had tried everything else - numerous pesticides (spraying every 3 weeks), ant dust, ant traps -- everything I could find that would supposedly kill ants. Those things would work for a very short period of time, then do absolutely nothing. Our of desperation I did some looking on the internet and came across a special on these units. I called the 800 number and spoke with a very polite and helpful representative of your company. She answered all of my questions, and I ordered 2 of the units. I received them in approximately 1 week (very quickly in my opinion), and the units did exactly what I was told they would do - it took a few weeks to see the difference, but the ants have STOPPED coming in!! I am very happy with the way everything was handled - promptly, as promised and guaranteed! I very highly recommend these units (and this company) - my house is STILL ant-free - and I have also not seen any spiders for a while either!"

Raquel -

"I have used Commercial Pest Control services in the past. I hated spending the money every month to kill my bugs, some of those services charge three, four, five hundred dollars a year, that is a lot of money. Your Pest Repellers work! I have two units and they have saved me a lot of money. Also these units seem to be doing a much better job than what I have tried to do on my own and even better than my old Pest Control service." "Thank you so much for your prompt delivery of my new Pest Repeller devices. The quality of your product is outstanding and surpassed any expectations I may have and prior to placing my order. If the product works as well as it is built, I will be ecstatic."

Kelli S. - Corte Madera, CA

"My parents were relocating to Florida and rented an apartment site unseen...when they arrived in April - the place was horribly infested with roaches, I arrived in May and freaked out that the problem was so severe (they were trying to kill them with canned spray from the grocery store). I ordered the Ultimate AT pest repellers. It took about 3 weeks or so before I noticed a difference...but now we don't have any bugs!! None, nothing, not even one teeny tiny spider. I love them! We are very satisfied with our Pest Repeller Ultimate AT for indoor use."

Kathryn S. - Florida

"I was so tired of using Poisons that weren't really working. I was also very concerned about the toxic chemicals I was using. I didn't feel it was safe to use Toxic Chemicals, especially in my home, so it caused me a little stress. When I purchased your Electronic Pest Control products, I wasn't sure if they would work. Well I have to tell you, I can not believe how wonderfully it is working. My Pest problems are over. Thank you, Thank you Thank you!"

Anonymous -

"As you read this I am sure you are thinking, ‘Is this another online gimmick or is this for real.’ I thought the same thing because you never know what is online. Here is my story. We moved into my new home in January 2010. What we did not know is that the house came with Scorpions; I guess the builder just forgot to tell us. We have tried all kind of chemicals inside and outside on the house and also have exterminators come every 3 months. The chemicals do work some, but it takes a few days for them to work, so in the mean time you still have Scorpions. It was so bad we bought glue traps that you can put around the house to trap mice. We don’t have mice but we did catch on average 2 to 5 Scorpions a night on them. It had gotten so bad my wife had glue traps all around the bed and underneath it so no Scorpions could get in the bed. My wife was at the point that if they didn’t go then she was moving back to the city. I know some people will say that we moved into their area, but I paid more so they need to go. I found the Good Life Company online and thought, with a 30 day money back guarantee, why not try it. I ordered 4 Good Life LLC Ultimate AT for my house, and from the day I plugged them in I have not seen 1 Scorpion in the house. We left the glue traps for a couple of weeks and never caught a one. Now my wife and I can relax. I know we still have them outside the house because if you go outside at night with a black light they glow in the dark… I am so impressed with the Good Life LLC Ultimate AT; I ordered 4 more for the house and I tell everyone I know about them. I have also ordered the Guardians to see if they can get the Scorpions away from the house. I hope they work also."

Terry G. - College Station, TX

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