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"My husband and I have 6 neighbors that border our backyard. All six of them have dogs. The people behind us have 3. Don't get us wrong; we love dogs and have had German Shepherds most of our lives. But we always cared if our dogs barked to be respectful to our neighbors. Three of our neighbors don't feel the same way, especially the people behind us! We were at our wits end. Every time we walked into the backyard, tried to entertain or work in the yard, they would bark constantly! We saw [the Dog Silencer Pro] and ordered it. I'm telling you it's worth every penny! Both the sensor and the handheld remote. This product was the best money we've spent in a long time and we couldn't be happier. Now when they see us, they quit barking and the barking has almost completely stopped overall. The yards are pretty big and this works for even the ones the furthest away. WONDERFUL! Thank you!"

Shelly B. - Carmel, IN

"I ordered in Euro (€81.97) and got the Dog Silencer shipped to Ireland. Just a warning for anyone ordering in Ireland that the total cost will be €130 when you add on postage and then you have to pay tax when you receive the package. I have two dogs - one a small Terrier and the other a Pomeranian. Both very yappy. We received a complaint from the neighbor that they could hear them barking during the day when we were at work. They are kept indoors, but it is a semi-detached house so we share a wall with the neighbor. They could hear the barking through the wall. I purchased the product and one dog - the Terrier - does not bark at all now. A complete transformation! The Pomeranian, however, still barks (maybe about 30% less often, though) and we can see the product flashing green to indicate it's working. But he continues on! He's very stubborn. We have had to move them into a room where they could not see out the window as they bark at everyone that goes past. So, it doesn't working fully on particularly stubborn dogs, but it has reduced the barking by half. So for me, it was worth the investment."

Jane L - Ireland

"I'm using your Dog Silencer on AC. Have had it in place just two days and the three Chihuahua bark-a-thon perpetrators next door have been reduced to occasional "let me in" whines. I can live with that. The dog behind the back fence is getting the message too it seems. Am very satisfied so far. I will recommend to friends (in time.) Thank you for a well-packaged product that seems to be working just as advertised. Shipping was timely also. Good work!"

Mike H. - USA

"So far when Sophie has the collar on, the house is very quiet. The first day, we had to use it 2 times for barking and 1 time for licking. I used it and I think she is much happier now. AND SO ARE WE. Thank you."

Lola T. - Willis, VA

"I just want to give you very good feedback. The [Dog Silencer] is working great. My mother is so happy that she can finally get proper sleep in the mornings! The dog learned almost immediately to stop barking. Peace and quiet in the neighborhood after at least 6 years of barking for hours and hours!"

Livy - Sweden

"I purchased this [Dog Silencer] back in June 2014 to quiet a neighbor's dog. It took a few weeks; the dog stopped barking consistently and life was good. However, it stopped working back in December. Would only work using the remote control. I couldn't go around with the remote in my hand all day, so I emailed the company. This device was not cheap and I also had to pay duty on it. I dealt with [Customer Service Representative] and she could not have been more helpful. Once I posted the original back, I received a completely new device! I am thrilled and have it installed on my fence again to retrain the dog. I just wanted to not only praise the product, but also praise Good Life for their excellent after sales service!"

Una D. - Ireland

"I purchased the Dog Silencer Training Pack and the 3-Year Warranty. I was hesitant because I really didn't believe the Dog Silencer would work on neighbor's 3 pit bulls. But it does exactly what you say it will and I am very pleased. The dogs stop barking within 2 - 3 seconds, almost every time, unless a stranger comes near their yard. I have it located about 75 feet from where the dogs tend to congregate and sometimes their bark does not set it off. But the remote control does the trick from inside our house. Thanks for a great product. You made a believer out of me."

Thomas V. - Kingsland, GA

"Sweet, sweet silence."

Paul P. - Bilings, MT

"I was skeptical, but I have a German Shepherd puppy who at present cannot sleep in the house. She eats my furniture overnight and at night will bark continuously, no let up. I found the Dog Silencer and bought it after reading how others failed. This one worked. Read the instructions. It said might take a couple of weeks OMG. Plugged it in and, nope, didn't take a couple of weeks. Less than 30 minutes and, instantly, she stopped her yapping. Thank you so much for a great product that actually works."

Kerry S. - Australia

"I purchased the Dog Silencer seven weeks ago and so far I have had 100% success with three different groups of dogs. The dog next door stops barking when it hears me open the back door now as it anticipates what is going to happen. (If I haven't used the device for several days, I find I have to use the audible sound, but I get instant success.) I have used it on two dogs in a property to the rear of my house. I place it high up on a bird house and there is a high metal fence between and it works. I have just started using it on two dogs across the road and it appears to work. The passing cars set it off. It has gone from eight hours of non-stop barking to one or two minutes, depending on how long it takes to set up. The feeling of power to control this nuisance behavior is wonderful."

Graham W. - Australia

"The canine chorus has been nearly silenced. We're able to get a good night's sleep now. Thanks!"

Anonymous - USA

"I purchased the BarkWise collar as a last results for my * month old Pomeranian. I tried everything on the market to stop her yapping, with no success. The BarkWise collar was a blessing. I only had to put it on her 3 times and the bad behavior stopped and was under control. I now just show her the remote and she becomes attentive. FANTASTIC RESULTS. Thanks, Good Life, for a product that does everything you said it would do!"

Frank A. - Edgewater, MD

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