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"We have had the Dog Silencer Pro for about a month. Neighbor's dog is friendly but loves to bark for any reason, including to hear itself bark. Dog use to bark 20 - 40% of time when out in back yard. After installing and turning on Dog Silencer, the dog barked one time, ran to middle of yard, turned around and barked the second time, then ran into house. For us, the results were immediate and amazing on the first day. Dog rarely barks now. We and surrounding neighbors are very happy. We could not be more satisfied with the results of the Dog Silencer. Thanks."

William B. - Sandy, OR

"I live beside the world's worst trained dog and in a neighborhood where people leave their dogs outside to bark incessantly - regardless of the time of day. It's a sound I wake up to every morning and a sound I hear last before falling asleep. I have had many fantasies about ways to shut these dogs up! Now, working from home, I could not face the prospect of a summer spent listening to these canine devils. I found this product online and purchase it within minutes. It got here quickly and I took no time positioning it and plugging it in. Then I armed myself with the handy remote waiting for the first bark of the day. What can I say . . . the barking (and not just from next door but from ALL dogs in my vicinity) has essentially stopped. This has NEVER happened before. This morning I woke up to the sound of my husband snoring instead of dogs. Yes, I am waiting for you to come up with something for that next :) Thank you. This is a total life changer!!!! No kidding, no exaggerating."

Andrea M. - Canada

"Wow! This product is amazing! We received it yesterday and put it on a wooden post by the fence of the neighbor's backyard, then waited for them to put their little yappy dog outside. We were sitting in our screened porch when the owner finally let the dog outside. The dog barked, maybe 5 times, before actually exiting the house, and then didn't want to come outside! The owner had to coax him out to do his business. I would not have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes! We've lived in our house for 8 months and have put up with the neighbor's dogs (3 in total) barking nonstop all day and night. No longer! This morning, the dog was actually in the backyard and NOT barking! Hooray for the Dog Silencer. Best money I've spent so far on our new house!"

Julie R. - Lewes, DE

"I purchased the OnGuard handheld dog trainer and I can't quite believe the results! I have tried various products in the past. Although, our dogs are very well-behaved, they do have a tendency to bark if they hear car doors shutting, etc., outside and wanted to break the habit. The results have been instant and extremely effective. I was rather dubious and had doubts as to whether it would work but can safely say it is the only product that has every done what it says! I have used various training techniques, compressed air cans, and spray collars, so to find something that actually works is great. It arrived well packaged and very quick delivery. Humans and dogs all happy!"

Rachel T. - United Kingdom

"This is now in my category of "Best Purchase Ever Made." I have a small terrier/chihuahua mix and he can be overexcited. I tried spraying water, but that just became a game for him. The excessive barking was disturbing neighbors and myself. I began to use the remote collar and noticed an immediate improvement. The vibration or tone took his attention off the barking, and created a better behavior. He is a smart dog, so it did not take very long for him to learn a different response to stimuli. Every time I would would get ready to leave the home, he began to bark incessantly and display weird head shakes. I like using the remote because there are times when it is ok for him to bark, to alert me when someone is at the door for example. So with the remote, I can press the button when it is not okay to bark. It is great for behavior modification, and for him to learn to do a different response. This new training has been very easy and absolutely stress-free for my dog and I. I can tell that he is in absolutely no discomfort from the tones and vibration, but that it is working so well to stop barking and other excitable behaviors. He is still the same fun dog, just without all of the excessive barking. Fabulous product! I would highly recommend!"

Deborah P. - Hawaii, USA

"It's been a lifesaver to have installed these [Dog Silencers.] We've had a horrible time with a neighbor and immediately "heard" a decrease in the dogs next door! It's been a godsend as we're headed to court soon over her behavior regarding her dogs Thank you for the info regarding battery life, and again, wonderful product! XOXO"

N.S. - California, USA

"Your [Dog Silencer] has brought peace to my life! Thank you."

Earl W. - USA

"I ordered this hesitantly. I had lost all faith that I could get these dogs' barking under control as it has only escalated over time. My expectations were low. I had hoped maybe it would occasionally deter my difficult, vocal, nuisance barking 2-year-old fur baby from her incessant barking at guests, cars, television, dust. I have tried everything else and decided she must have some mental deficiency that makes training impossible. I had hopes that the [Dog Silencer] would encourage my 6-year-old fur baby, who easily spooks and hates to be alone, to think twice when she's barking non-stop for hours because I'm in my office working and she can't see me. Hope, but not faith. I plugged in this black box 3 days ago and set it on Audio, so I could be sure it was working. I want to be with the little box for the reminder of my time on Earth. It has changed my life as we have known it. My visitors can talk to me without having to help me by picking up and holding onto one of these furry buggers or shouting to me above their non-stop yelping. I took my food delivery today with the door open and spoke to the driver. For the first time in years, I didn't have to stand outside and cringe at the racket they were making. I can work in peace. My stress level is so much lower by the end of the day. One bark from either of them now sends the other into behavior correcting mode. They immediately try to hush each other quietly. I haven't even set it on the ultrasonic mode because the audio mode is so effective. I've been enjoying these little dogs again like I did before the uncontrollable barking sucked all the joy out of being a dog mommy. Worth every penny. I have told the cashier at the store, the cab driver, the pizza delivery guy, my co-workers, anyone I see how amazing this product is. I hope they all buy the product; i don't know how else to thank you for giving me my sanity back. I love you. I really do."

Melissa M. - Canada

"My wife and I feel that you should warn people to massage one another's shoulders and take Tylenol because you will be so busy fist pumping when your neighbor's dog no longer barks. High fiving is also getting rough on the palms. The strange sound of birds and silence is overwhelming. I think there was a tear of happiness as a breeze blew through the house. We have had it for a week and have built a Dog Silencer alter with candles."

Jim Y. - Sacramento, CA

"It's almost spooky how well [the Dog Silencer] worked. I have ours on low setting inside the house on the front window where the dogs track everything. My yapper Bentley stopped almost immediately. He actually leaves the room when it is triggered. Sophie will give 3 woo-woos and stop. She is actually more stubborn, but it is changing the length of her barking time. I plan to take this when we travel and use in the hotel room. These are two Westie terriers and they both have very loud voices. Silence is golden! Totally happy."

Jill J. - Carnation, WA

"I knew within 5 minutes, but wanted to wait a reasonable amount of time - just to be certain. I followed the instructions. Set the Dog Silencer up for max performance, placed it within 2' of neighbor's fence, and here came the dogs - up on the fence, lips back, fangs showing, hair on end, frothing at the mouth, growling and both barking non-stop. Then I plugged the box in . . . they have not been within 25' of the fence in 3 days. Now, they sit on their back porch 150' away and just look at me. Every so often, I hit the remote control as a reminder. Box is sitting on a ledge inside of my breezeway, pointed at their yard 60' away. There is no more barking! A satisfied customer! Thank you."

Anonymous - Georgia, USA

"High quality, well-engineered product that delivers as claimed. We set up per instructions on the day [the Dog Silencer] arrived. The annoying little barkers across the alley behind our house tried it a few times each with two or three barks, and then, silence. Their constant yipping, yapping and barking that ruined our peace and quiet for months after inconsiderate neighbors bought dogs is gone! Thank you, Good Life. Pay a little more and get a high quality, well-made, guaranteed product that works!"

JS - San Diego, CA

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