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Ultimate AT and Guardian owners, please Send Us Your Success Story - Pictures Welcome!

"I had been killing silverfish and the odd spider over the past few months on my hardwood floor in the living room. I have no idea where they were coming from, so I purchased 2 of the Ultimate ATs 2 weeks ago. Well after having the units in place for 1 week I noticed the 1st silverfish today. (Not a single spider) It was in the same area as the others but not crawling on the floor like normal. It was writhing on the floor as if in agony. I was so impressed with the Ultimate AT product that I have ordered 2 more units. My girlfriend wants them to keep the spiders out. Thank you for a wonderful, safe, clean product that works."

Gary N. - Windsor, Ontario, Canada

"I purchased your top products for our home in the woods... raccoons and squirrels were playing in our attic and had broken into the screened in back porch to eat my cat's food night after night, repair after repair to block them. From the time that we plugged in the outdoor and indoor units... no more raccoons, squirrels, bugs... there have been a few poor roaches that have shown up every now and then but look all beat up, stagger around for a while and drop dead. All I have to do is sweep them up. Do you ever recruit network/local marketers? I live in Austin, Texas... home of the bugs and critters."

Catey K. - Austin, TX

"If you ever need a testimonial on how great your product works... I'm it! Over the last five months, the flying squirrels in our attic have now invaded our neighbor's house. I feel bad for them, but you'll make another sale!"

Dave L. - Cordova, TN

"For the last several years, I have had hundreds of Cicada Killer Wasps that take over my lawn during the months of July and August. After using the Guardian this year, I have not had one Wasp on my lawn. Thanks Guardian."

Chris C - Warminster, PA

"Thank you for your help this afternoon re the Pest Repeller Ultimate AT. I originally ordered 4 units on September 3rd, 2005 - 3 are placed in my home (garage, basement, bedroom) and 1 is in my son's garage. I have been very pleased with the results of using this unit - I have been essentially "bug free" since day one. I especially like the ionic and ultrasonic waves - no smell, not toxic issues. I would highly recommend this product and have done so over the past two years."

Mary Ann B. - Omaha, NE

"I tried other brands and the rodents kept coming into the walls and floor of our manufactured home. We couldn’t use products like Decon because of the small Schnoodle we have. Bottom line ... I haven't heard from the creatures since buying 2 of the Ultimates and one larger unit for under the front porch! It is noticeably quiet now! Thanks for making a product that REALLY does what it says it will do... I'm just thrilled not to hear the critters anymore."

Frankie P. - Christiansburg, VA

"Thanks for your help and quick response! No problems - matter of fact - no rats either - activity greatly reduced - Guardian underneath house (house built up a foot on poles) and plug ins inside - did not have to wait 2-4 weeks, more like 2-4 days!"

R. Durkin - The Woodlands, TX

"I've had a mouse problem in this house for 20 years. I'd been dealing with it with spring traps, which would reduce the activity but I'd still hear them in the walls. Tried a 'Coleman ultra-sonic' pest repeller, but frequency is low enough I can hear it, drives me nuts. So I stayed away from sound based repellers for a long time. Last week I decided to look into the 'Riddex' units advertised on TV, found your web site, and decided yours is the better product. Bought 2 Ultimate ATs, plugged them in, within 2 days no more scratching in the walls. I just ordered another 2 for the basement, and an outdoor one which I'll use to try to keep the mice out of my cars."

William G. - Marlborough, CT

"I bought your product at the beginning of March and I am so pleased with your product that I am telling everyone, "They actually work!!" I leave my front and back doors wide open as often as I can and that allows anything inside my home, especially flies. I can now sit by my front door and watch flies buzz in and immediately turn tail and head out. Incredible product THANK YOU!!!!"

Gaelan G. - Colorado

"I would just like to thank you for your great service! I received my order [Ultimate AT] in about 4 days and my "bug problem" seems to have reduced already! Many thanks!"

Robert L. - New Zealand

"I have two of your repellers and could not be more pleased with them. I have a suggestion. Have you ever considered a small unit that you could wear from, say, a chain or ribbon around your neck for insects? Just a thought. Thanks so for the marvelous products. We have the Ultimate and the Guardian. I am so very anti chemical that I cannot tell you how thrilled I was to find you and your products. We will all live longer with your service. Thanks again!"

Martha C. -

"A year or so ago we were being taken over by mice. In spite of strenuous efforts we could not find where they were coming into our RV that was permanently set up in a resort. Knowing not what to do, I purchased and read the label and directions on the popular mice poison I decided we were better off with the mice! I had, on occasion, purchased the small pest "machines" from major companies re their TV ads. They were to no avail. I came across Good Life and read with interest their information on the indoor and semi-outdoor repeller i.e. the Ultimate MC (useful in basements, under decks, etc.) I sent for it and from the day we unpacked the box and put it underneath our fully skirted RV we never saw another mouse. They left and did not come back. No mess and best of all no chemicals and no distressed little animals to deal with. We are contemplating a move to a more rural resort area and this time I will go prepared. I sent for the new Guardian unit as I am sure we will encounter critters of all shapes and sizes in the outdoor areas. This outdoor unit will allow me to adore some of the critters and not be bothered by those I do not wish to deal with. Upon receipt of the new unit, we put it right to work. With our unusual rainy weather we have been inundated by mosquitoes that we have never before been bothered with. I set the selector to #1 (insects) and put the unit on the glass bar on our deck and faced it to our main entry door. Nary a mosquito has come around. When people I meet complain about the mosquitoes I say, “what mosquitoes?” Thank you so much Good Life. You are aptly named. You certainly have improved our life. I am rabidly against chemicals and you have opened a new door to a safe world for us and our adored Border Collie, Mae. A world I did not know existed till I found you. Thank you again,"

Martha & John C. - Kelowna, British Columbia

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