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"I was skeptical about ordering this Dog Silencer because I had tried several different ones with no results. I have eight Poms in my house which WERE yappers. I have only this a week and I would definitely buy again. IT DOES WORK!!!!!"

Marguerite M. - USA

"This is the best thing I have ever bought hands down. It silenced every beast around. It took one single day. It works! One happy customer."

Roland R. - Arizona City, Arizona

"I would like to start his review by stating that prior to purchasing this device I spent hours reading every review I could find related to this, and other similar products. To my dismay the mixed results were so confusing and discouraging that I decided to purchase this product if for no other reason than to attempt to accurately ascertain the competency of the average American consumer. And ultimately, God willing, provide a USEFUL review that would serve to actually inform a potential buyer regarding the Pro’s and Con’s of said device. Test conditions: The girlfriends neighbors have 4 adult pit-bulls who reside on a balcony patio literally three feet away! The dogs are locked up in their own squalor, all day, every day, and have nothing to do but bark. As if by some curl turn of fate, the front of the walled balcony has three holes in it just big enough for them to put their heads through, and see people walking their dogs in the park across the street. It does not take much of an imagination to get a feel for what kind of noise levels and frequency I’m dealing with here. With the Dog Silencer set on Silent (Ultrasonic) mode, and the sensitivity set low I proceed with the trial run. Did the product work as described? YES, did it instantly stop 4 Pitbulls in their tracks and silence them? No. Of course not. Its not an instantaneous scenario, it’s a process. Do NOT turn the sensitivity all the way up and leave the house!!! If the unit goes off all the time the dogs will not associate their barking with the annoying noise the unit emits. After 3 days a 70% reduction was clearly evident. After 10 days, the dogs are seldom heard. I have not had it in the rain.. NO comments in that regard. I ran it on the AC adapter power source. NO comments on battery life. The remote works fine, but the auto bark detector is what I suggest you use. ON A LOW setting !!! The dogs need a constant cause and affect reminder of the consequences of their barking. Not just when you are home. Or trying to sleep. I would recommend this product to anyone with a room temperature IQ or higher. From what I can deduce, 90% of the problems people have with these types of devices can be directly attributed to operator error, laziness, or just blatant incompetence. Conclusion~ After 10 days the difference in the dogs behavior was incredible!! 5 out of 5 stars!!!!"

Brian M. - USA

"I go the Dog Silencer on Wednesday and it worked throughout the night and morning. I haven't had it more than 24 hours and I'm very happy. Last few weeks, I haven't received much sleep. I am thinking maybe make it into Smart Dog Silencer and have the remote on an app on my iPhone. Thanks. Love this product. Finally got my 8 hours worth of sleep last night."

Alfredo G. - San Antonio, TX

"I have four Pomeranians and needless to say they tend to bark. The [BarkWise Vibration] collars are working. They have stopped about 90% or more of the barking. Very happy about this product. "

Jerry G. - Grafton, WV

"The next door neighbors did nothing to stop their dogs from barking every time we walk outside our home. I tried different products and nothing worked. The Good Life Dog Silencer worked! It's a miracle how well it works to silence the barking!!! Thank you."

Chris S. - Coconut Creek, FL

"Today I'm purchasing second [Dog Silencer] unit. Just wanted to thank you for saving me from annoying dogs :) Both of my neighbors on left and right side got them. Your device really works! It works in the seconds after I installed the unit! It is a miracle for me. I was very skeptical before I purchased your first one because we used similar one from another company and it didn't work. I will definitely recommend you to my friends. Thank you very much."

Ronald L. - Vancouver, WA

"I can't thank you enough for this brilliantly effective [Dog Silencer]! We just bought a new house and loved everything about it until we moved in and realized that the barking from the 2 dogs in the yard behind ours never stopped! Every time we set foot in our yard to try to relax on the deck, they would run up to the fence and growl and bark incessantly! I was sure that once they got used to us, they would stop. But no. Even though, I have always been a dog lover, I was desperate to the point that I was ready to report them to the city and have the dogs put down. They barked at 3:30 in the morning on work nights, 6:30 AM on Sundays . . . and anytime any neighbor dared step into their yard. It was the owner's fault, but I couldn't stand it. The dogs were bored, angry, neglected and irritated, and they made sure we all knew it. Then I found the Dog Silencer by doing an internet search. One dog is stubborn, and for weeks "tested" the unit first thing every morning. I used a firm and quiet voice command to accompany the Dog Silencer signal to reinforce the training. now the dogs walk up to the fence when I am in the yard, and they just quietly watch me. I believe your system caused them to respect my command for them to be "good and quiet." Peace at last! Thanks again!"

Lori K. - Antioch, CA

"A new neighbor moved in next door a few months ago, their backyard cornering40 feet from our bedroom window, their young pit bull barking at any sound or movement through the night. He kept other dogs nearby barking, setting up a dog choir of howling and barking. Animal control won't come out at night, said they won't hold him guilty of barking at them prowling around by day. They advised I might try taking the neighbor to court, even though, the city code prohibits any annoying bark or howl any time. Sad. Our Dog Silencer has been aimed his way 4 nights, needing a dozen clicks of the remote when he is at the far side, all it took to end the barking, including all the other dogs in the neighborhood. The sound is apparently reaching about 500 feet, stopping a dog at that house farther up the hill, between a row of homes stretching up the hill from us. Now the pit bull only barks at people coming around his yard, which is OK with me. We're finally sleeping all night without a noise generator app on the laptop. The neighborhood owl is still around, a nice welcome sound. I'm thinking maybe its time turn the Silencer off a while, see how the dog is doing without it. We already have the results we hoped for in your product!"

Jim C. - Hot Springs, AR

"I was quite skeptical but was also quite desperate to put a stop to the incessant barking of my neighbor's dogs. I was ABSOLUTELY STUNNED when I turned it on and these dogs IMMEDIATELY stopped barking and retreated back inside of their houses. UNBELIEVABLE! It is wonderful to have the power to bring our peace and quiet when we need it, with the flip of a switch. I hope it works as well for everyone else as it has for us. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUCH AN AWESOME PRODUCT!"

Chris V. - Atlanta, GA

"[The BarkWise Complete] has been a Godsend! It only took two uses of the remote on the first day, with the collar set at the middle level, to stop my dog's incessant barking. A few more reinforcement uses over the next week and now I only have to snap the collar on and she settles down and behaves. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Melanie V. - Columbia, MO

"I want to thank you for making our lives peaceful! We have been subjected to the yappy little furball next door for a couple of years now. Unfortunately, the owner barks just as much as the dog, so requests to get his yapper under control fell onto obstinate ears. I ordered the Dog Silencer Pro and splurged on express shipping! We were desparate! When our package came, the yapper was announcing the delivery, the wind, the cars going by, etc. We hastily opened the package and took it out to the greenhouse that overlooks the yapper territory. My husband went into the garage to slip me the power cord for the Dog Silencer. While were setting it up, the little yapper continued to yap at me for being my own greenhouse! ARGGHHH! It was AMAZING! I plugged in the power source, the yapper went off with one more group of 3 little barks, cocked his little yappy head and trotted off to his house! That was 2 weeks ago. We still have to hit him with the remote as he has learned that there are certain areas of his yard that he can bark and not be detected all the time, but the difference is peaceful! What's more, the barking owner has no clue so can't gruff at us. We ordered 2 more remotes to share with our other neighbors, so they can assist in the yapper's training when he is in his front yard announcing the growth of the grass. Thanks to you and your wonderful product. We can work in our garden in peace. Oh, with exception of the yapper's barking owner - Let us know when you come up with a product for humans; we will be the first to order :)"

Yapless in Renton - USA

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