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Ultimate AT and Guardian owners, please Send Us Your Success Story - Pictures Welcome!

"You guys make a great product, I work at a 90 unit Townhome property that is literally infested w/ scorpions. After I got two and realized how good it worked, I spread the word and 5 other properties bought the product and couldn't be happier, its about peace of mind. You guys are going to have to put me on the payroll if this keeps up, I'm in Phoenix, there is a abundance of scorpions out here, Ill keep referring your product to those who are having problems."

Robert P. - Phoenix, AZ

"I don't know of a better customer service that I have ever encountered during my 10 years in the US! You can certainly use my name as a testimonial because I meant everything I said. And, yes, if I should need anything in your area of business in the future, I will certainly get in touch with you."

Lia B. - Tampa, FL

"Our Customer, Paulette from Deerfield, FL reports using the Guardian successfully to repel many opossums and squirrels from her avocado, peach, sugar apple, and banana trees in her yard. Paulette is using the Guardian on standard 'D' size alkaline batteries, and the batteries have lasted 8 months!"

Good Life Customer Care -

"I bought three Ultimate ATs because of the buy 2 get 1 free promotion. Altogether I spent about $120 to get rid of my mice infestation. I live in a countrified city area that has its share of wildlife, which is nice except for the mice and rat population that comes with it. I was at my wits end trying to deal with the problem which seemed to get worse daily. First day I plug them in no mice evidence, the second night different story, plenty o' mice. I was not pleased so I read the brochure that came in the packaging and voila, it said that would happen. Six days after plugging in the units I am very pleased to report they are working better than I had dreamed. No mice! I don't know where they went to but I don't really care. Your product is the best one that I researched with its tri technology but regardless of why it works, it works. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will recomend you to everyone I meet especially my neighbors who have probably noticed a sudden increase in their mice population. (ha ha)"

Leslie C. - Ontario, Canada

"This works great!! Moved into a new place and found bees nesting in the wall. One day after plugging in the pest repeller all of the bees were gone. I would recommend this to anyone."

Adrian W. - Victoria, Australia

"I just wanted to say a big thank you for the service I've received from your Company. I ordered 2 of the Pest Repeller Ultimate AT on Feb 16th and they were delivered today, Feb 18th. Considering they were sent from the US to UK, that is AMAZING service, and the tracking service was a dream! I'm now looking forward to being 'pest free' in the coming weeks! Thank you once again."

Marion H. - London, England (UK)

"Cockroach Phobic from Australia - I have not seen yet a phobic condition as mine. I just moved to a new house and I started to have lots of cockroaches. Well, lets say, maybe they were not "a lot" but at least one or two were found early in the morning dead as I had pulverized the house before even moved. Finding the roaches dead in the morning was no good for me and it was almost making me move again to another house. I was having terrible "thoughts" where the roaches could had gone and walked along the night before they die? I also have 2 cats and I was terrorized with the idea that my cats could be "playing" with so such discusting insects and come to my bed later. I must say that now I am a very happy woman with one less stress in my life. I have the Ultimate and the Guardian all over my house (it's a big place) and maybe I even exaggerated in the number of units but I must say that they worst every cent of my "investment." Been honest, since I have all these devices I haven’t seen yet one... neither one cockroach alive or dead (inside or outside of the house). Apart from this, Good Life was extremely helpful and sympathetic with all my needs and concerns. One of the devices arrived in Australia damaged and it was immediately replaced (with not too much questioning) and sent by Fedex with no extra costs for me. I have made 2 orders plus the request for replacement and all the parcels arrived in just few days by Fedex. It was a pleasure to deal with Good Life and I will be buying more for other properties as well and recommend Good Life to my friends."

RG - Queensland, Australia

"What a wonderful product [the Guardian]. Since installing it, we have seen no squirrels and the birds are eating peacefully. Thank you!!!!!"

Joanne L. - Baltimore, MD

"I am extremely satisfied with the Guardian and I would highly recommend it to any one who has problems with dog's defecating and urinating on their lawn. I have tried two other dog repellents, but they did not performed as claimed and were immediately returned. The Guardian is more expensive, but worth every penny! It worked so well that one of my self-absorbed neighbors had the audacity to trespassed into my property, moved the unit and vandalized it by cutting the AC adaptor. I have two beautiful inside cats who I love. It is very sad and hard to comprehend how these so called "dog lovers" can't get along with humans. I immediately reported it to animal control who came and spoke to him about it! Problem solved. When people break the law, the law is on our side. I called Good Life and spoke to Customer Service Representative, who listened to the problem and would be sending me another adaptor at a very low price and charging only $1.00 for the shipping. The Customer Service Representatives at Good Life are courteous, very helpful, and great at solving problems."

Norma - Los Angeles, CA

"I'm out at a hunting lodge, and my truck, which is parked outside for the season, becomes INFESTED with the little devils while I am out here. I have tried all manner of things to eradicate them, to no avail. I haven't seen a mouse or sign of mice ever since I plugged in that device I bought from you! Yipeeee~"

Rutha P. - Lost Springs, WY

"I purchased the Guardian (AC adaptor included) from Goodlife in June 2008, as I was having a problem with incessant squirrels on the roof of my mobile home. However for various reasons, including that I did not find the instructions easy to follow, I did not end up using the machine at that time. A week ago, a number of raccoons started spending the night marauding up and down my trailer roof feasting on a large crop of apples on a tree up there this year. The first night this happened, I was awake till 5am, despite hosing the roof down with an intense water jet at intervals. The following day, I dug out my Guardian, and got it set up. For the last three nights, no raccoons on my roof. Am delighted with the results from using this product."

Jane S. - Boulder, CO

"We ordered 2 units to chase bats from our patio roof. I ran one unit about 10 feet from the peak without success. I moved up to a beam a few feet below the peak and put the other unit on the other side of the peak. There was no 'guano' on our patio and we haven't seen any for 3 days. I'm elated."

Robert B. - Bend, OR

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