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"We rescued a dog in horrific shape. Vet fixed her up and she is a wonderful dog. Snowflake, however, barked non-stop. We were so frustrated. I looked online for help and found Good Life. I had my doubts. We turned the Bark Control Birdhouse on very lowest setting. First bark, she jumped and looked at the birdhouse. Of course, she barked again. That was the end of the nonstop barking. I am so happy. Nothing invasive, just turned on the house and now we have a happy dog and home. We now turn the birdhouse off and only use in early morning once! I'm so pleased I have a backup support system if I ever need to give her a reminder. I will recommend your products to anyone having problems. Thank you for a safe, non-invasive product that really worked for my special dog."

Paula C. - New London, MO

"For years, we tolerated 4 boarder collies next door. They would start in barking if I opened the door, started the car or blinked my eyes, and not stop as long as I was outside. We purchased the Dog Silencer and installed. The next day I had to go and look to see if the dogs were gone. It was so quiet. AMAZING. Three of the four are dead quiet on day three after install. Only one barks if I look over the fence and none of the others join in as before. Two or three shots from the remote and dog number four slows his tirade to 25% of what is was. A GREAT PRODUCT you will be pleasantly surprised as to the results."

John N - Auburn, CA

"We bought your Dog Silencer and it works amazing!"

Don L. - Vancouver, WA

"I was bothered by constant barking from five neighbor dogs on 3 sides of my house, and my own dog would join in if I wasn''t there to stop him. I couldn''t go in my own back yard without dogs barking at me. I mounted the Dog Silencer where it would be most effective, and got immediate results! I've got a wood fence and a large yard, so on some occasions the sensor doesn''t detect a distant bark. No problem - I just press the remote, and the barking stops. I can''t believe I waited so long to buy The Dog Silencer."

Matt S - Temecula, CA

"We just bought our first home, and I have a neighbor that has a German Shepherd. They let him bark and howl all day long. Our yards are very close together so I decided to buy the Dog Silencer, mounting bracket, the 60ft A/C cord, and a few faceplates. After one day that dog won't bark or howl now! I can go out into my back yard without him barking at me. Now there is another German Shepherd up the hill that is even worse, so I''ll be talking to my other neighbor about putting one in his yard to stop the other dog. I spent a lot for this unit and all the accessories, but it''s totally worth it to not have dogs ruling the neighborhood. If your on the fence about getting one, DON'T BE. Buy it today! The quality is definitely there in this product. "

MJ - Aurora, CO

"[Dog Silencer] works pretty good. I took an old CD player carrier, cut a hole in it and strapped it around my waist; the neighborhood dogs shut up and nobody knows I'm the culprit; I love it."

Richard C. - John Day, OR

"I was very unsure about buying another anti dog bark product as none seem to work. We have new people next door and very uncooperative about their dog, denying its even their dog barking at night. The dog has been going off 2-3 times a night, I have even moved into a small room on the other side of the house to get away from it and get some sleep. I put Dog Silencer next to the trellis fence until the mounting plate arrived and thought I would turn it on as I could see the dog under the outside table, silent mode didn't seem to do much but as soon as I flicked on audible mode and hit the remote, well different story, it got up and disappeared around the corner. Yay, and it was the remote that sold the product to me. Will keep you posted, but so far so good. Thanks."

Lee J - Wellington, New Zealand

"Betty and I bought your fine [Dog Silencer] after an evening when the neighbor dog was barking from cocktails through dinner. After a little fuss trying to get him to stop we did a little research, thinking there must be a better way than yelling. We found your product online, read the accurate testimonials, bought one and our dog annoyance has absolutely vanished. It truly trains them to stay away as they venture by less and less often. Everything should work this well!"

John and Betty C. - Hickory, NC

"Hi, the Dog Silencer works! I have two dogs right next door. The smaller one didn''t bark much, but then they adopted another dog and THAT one barks all the time, and he taught the OTHER one to bark! So I had two dogs barking for hours per day. I hung the Dog Silencer on the tree over the fence about 10 days ago, and it cut down 98% of the barking in two days. Now, they come out and woof every day or two and stop quickly. They just started about 30 min ago and I grabbed the remote control and ''zapped'' them a few times. They stopped immediately! I already have ordered another one for the dog in the back. Great product!"

Joe P - San Antonio, TX

"I recently adopted a rescue dog as a companion for my Shih Tzu. He goes crazy and barks when I take him outside. I reside in Florida during the winter and stay in a mobile home park for seniors. I would take them out every morning at 6 and everyday he would bark his fool head off. After 2 days of using your [OnGuard] I can now take him out in the morning and NO more barking."

Ann H. - Syracuse, NY

"Hi there. Thanks for sending us two of your Dog Silencers. We pronounce ourselves very happy with the product. My friend has a doggy day service, and she says it is brilliant. No sound. Even the crows are quiet. My house has concrete walls and I have a problem with dogs (4 in 2 surrounding houses.) The device does not stop ALL the barking, but it does stop most of it. (Doesn't go through walls.) Nevertheless, it is greatly improved. Thanks a million."

Gillian F. - Australia

"The Dog Silencer is fantastic! I have five small dogs that live on the back porch of my neighbor's house from 8 AM to 8 PM. No exception, they bark all day long. All five of them. Within two days, they are done with the barking. Hard to believe. This product did so much in so little time. I am a happy camper and now can get sleep."

Larry W. - Antioch, TN

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