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Ultimate AT and Guardian owners, please Send Us Your Success Story - Pictures Welcome!

"We have a very large pool at our condominium. Raccoons and their messes in our pool were just driving us crazy, giving our maintenance man a whole lot of extra work to clean up the mess. The extra time he spent cleaning was extra money wasted. This would happen three or four times a week. I found the Guardian pest controller for raccoons. We set it up on a timer/photo cell for the power created a secure stand for it to be fastened. We have not had any raccoons in our pool since inception of the device. It even keeps away cats and possums. Best thing we ever came up with."

Norman M. - Cocoa Beach, FL

"Thank you for responding to my request and offering a donation of one of your Guardian devices. Our experience with the Guardian devices to repel deer was successful. Not a single deer invaded our 2012 Gold Hill Food Share Garden areas, see diagram. Our strategy was to use the minimum number of devices to keep the deer from entering the areas that comprise our 22,350 sq ft garden. The northern rectangular plot had physical protection on its northern boundary provided by an 8 ft. fence and blackberries. Its eastern boundary was protected by high blackberries. The southern irregular shaped plot had no physical protection. Considering the operating characteristics of the Guardian (120 degree pattern, 75 ft beam radius) the units were positioned as shown in the diagram. Note the arcs depicted are 50 ft radius so there was an additional 25 ft beam radius (which we confirmed in our testing and use). The units were mounted on standard wooden stakes about 5 ft above ground level with the beams directed outward toward the garden perimeters. The desired overlap of beams was effective and provided the desired coverage. The units operated continuously and reliably 6 months (from May - October) which required battery replacements in August (three months). The devices were stored and will be used again this year. The Guardian devices repelled the deer at about half the cost of a traditional 8 ft. deer fence. That meant we avoided the labor to erect a fence. And they did not change the esthetic beauty of the garden (that a fence would cause) nor interfere with the gardening efforts of our volunteer workers. The protection provided by the Guardian devices allowed us to achieve a record production (33,000 lbs) of free veggies to needy families in Gold Hill and ACCESS pantries in Jackson county. We are pleased! You can use this testimonial however you desire - no restrictions. Also, if you get any request from your customers about our experience, just have them call me. They would be welcome to come visit our site by calling me and making an appointment. Sincerely, Curt Shuler, Project Manager 541-855-2576"

Gold Hill Food Share Garden - Gold Hill, OR

"I don't normally send these types of letters, but then I don't normally find such an outstanding product! I purchased the buy 2 Get One Free offer of the Pest Repeller Ultimate AT to try to do something about the cockroaches and spiders. We had gone through gallons and gallons of indoor and outdoor sprays and still had many, many bugs. We would find dead ones on the floor every day. I really did not expect these electronic devices to make much difference, but WOW. After the second day, we have not seen even one cockroach or spider in the house! I don't know where they went, but they are gone. You really need to get the message out there to people who have these problems. It changes your enjoyment of life."

Anonymous - Las Cruces, NM

"We recently purchased a small house in Tennessee in the country. The house had remained empty for about 40 years. In fact, my wife and I were the first people to sleep in the house in forty years (except for maybe a ghost or two.) When the owners started to tear it down, they discovered it was made from red oak and decided to renovate it. The owners told us it was not perfect, and that we might find little things that needed to be taken care of. We didn't know that the local mice population was possibly what the prior owners were referring to. We purchased three of the Ultimate ATs and along with making sure that all openings were closed off, we are pleased to say for now that the little problems are gone. Also, the snake that was eating the mice and a whole group of insects has also disappeared. I just ordered three more for my house in Florida to see how well it works for ticks. I have had very good results with the [Ultimate ATs] and think they are well worth buying."

Clifton L. - Miami, FL

"[The Ultimate AT] works! I was about to die from squirrels running around over the top of my head. They were in between our floors and above our heads. We've had this problem about 8 or 9 years. They would actually run around, play, mate and everything. It was terrible. I felt like crying. I used to beat on the ceiling with a broom, but punched a hole in the ceiling and all of these stink bugs started coming out of the hole. Oh, goodness! I hear the squirrels still but only long enough for them to run in and run right back out. I used to see them in the trees and now I don't see them. They used to play over the top of our heads for hours. I might hear one for 10-20 seconds and they go back outside. I LOVE MY ULTIMATE AT! It truly, truly works. Also, I have 6 cats and 3 dogs and it doesn't bother any of them. Not one! Thank you. We will be ordering one for our kitchen soon for the ants in the Spring. Thanks again."

Karen B. - Baltimore, MD

"We live in the mountains of Southwest North Carolina. We are basically in the wilderness. There are no snakes, mosquitoes or other insects. However there are mice, lots of mice. They get in the house, in the RV and even destroy the firewall insulation in my pickup. I tried all types of traps which only cures the problem temporarily. I tried poison for a while but then noticed our owl population had disappeared! I am very skeptical about anything I see on the infomercials. However we had a friend that tried your product and told us of their success. Besides mice they had bats! I decided to give your product a try and low and behold it works, it really works. I am gone for months at a time and have a friend check on things now and again... no rodents, no nothing that shouldn't be there! I intend to purchase the outdoor version to protect my pickup, and we are hoping for the owls to return."

Peter G. - Scaly Mountain, NC

"I was very hesitant to buy the Guardian because I didn't want to spend that much money on something that might not work. I live on a golf course with lots of oak trees around and had squirrels climbing on my lanai and on the roof of my house 24/7. Have had it about 6 months now and it actually chased all the squirrels away and we haven't seen one on our lanai or roof since then. I just aimed it toward the oak trees and turned it to the proper setting and clicked the on switch. I had previously bought 3 of the inside Pest Repeller Ultimate AT units and they had worked fine so we took the plunge. Best decision I've made in years. "

Mel - Sun City Center, FL

"I shopped online for a couple weeks before deciding to purchase The Guardian. In the meantime, I shopped around Jacksonville, FL for a similar device, none to be found. When I received the device, I called customer service for help on setting for squirrels, the lady was a great help, totally understood the item and how to (and how not to) set it. I also asked her about mounting it on an oscillating fan to cover more area. She saw no problem, but didn't know if it would help. I must say The Guardian is a remarkable gadget for squirrels. With the oscillating, it covers probably 180 degrees and goes out about sixty or seventy feet. You can tell by the squirrel mess photo how much I have needed this. During the past year and a half, I have trapped and carried away over two hundred squirrels. No more trapping! Your customer service is excellent, as is the product. Thanks for all your help. Update 11/11: The oscillating seems definitely to work, covers area of both trees, probably 180 degrees. The important part of this particular fan is the weight - holds securely. If you build something in the future it would be really good. I'd recommend something that drives like a stake into the ground to hold securely. Thanks again, for a fine product and all your help. The squirrels no longer even hang out in the trees."

William S. - Neptune Beach, FL

"I have had someone come out every other month to check the traps and he tells me that since I have used your Repeller none of the bait has shown any nibbles. They really do work. Thanks again for your excellent service, I am most grateful."

Elizabeth G. - Monterey, CA

"I live in an old twin farmhouse on an Orchard Farm, and this is the prime time of the year so yellow jackets, tiny black ants, 'stink bugs,' etc. are quite prevalent. I purchased another brand of electromagnetic-Ultrasonic devices which did the job but 'blew out' frequently forcing replacements (costly). Apparently the devices were not designed for longevity. I reordered but the delivery scheduled date kept moving to the right. At this point the ants were increasing, and I realized that their point of entry was from behind wall outlets. After research I came upon Good Life. The electro impulses/waves are what I needed, so I cancelled the other product + ordered multiple devices from Good Life placing one on each floor (Attic, basement, kitchen) with ultrasonic devices in each room. Within an hour the ants were GONE, the 'stink bugs' were dying off. Now my home is back! This has to be the best invention. For the skeptics, beats chemicals that you breathe in, ingest, and frequent time consuming re-treatments of areas. Health wise, Ultimate AT is a no brainer. Do they really work? YES YES YES. Read the instructions, make sure NOTHING is blocking the ultrasonic capabilities and let the devices do their job. Rodents, ants, funky bugs... GONE!"

Mary P. - Media, PA

"We are a big family-owned bakery and have tested your product, Pest Repeller Ultimate AT, in three of our fifty branches. We are astonished about the great efficiency – we have about 80% less wasps and flies! Therefore, we would like to establish the pest repeller in all our branches."

Mark S. - Wolfersheim, Germany

"In the past we have had a couple of chipmunks that liked to harmlessly run around the yard. This year however, was a different story. We now had 5 or 6 chipmunks that were bravely running up onto our patio and even our deck on a daily basis. I knew that their next strategy would be to get inside the house. I didn't want to do anything harmful to them and after researching different repellents, I decided to order The Guardian Outdoor Pest Repeller from the Good Life Co. After speaking with their very helpful Customer Service Rep., I was confident that this would be safe to the chipmunks, our dog and our home. I am happy to say that after a couple of days the activity significantly decreased. Setting the unit on Level 6 seems to be the most effective."

John O. - Macedonia, OH

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