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"Instead of being upset by her barking, our fox terrier/chihuahua mix, Penny, has us laughing now. Since we received [the Dog Silencer Pro], Penny has figured it out (so to speak.) Instead of barking when someone walks by or when she sees a squirrel, cat or dog outside, she now makes a "burping" sound. She tried a few different sounds until she settled on the burp one. Her new muffled bark/burp is under the radar of the product where I have it set. I've got it on audio, so I know when it goes off and when it doesn't. My husband and I are no longer frustrated by her barking. He is no longer yelling at her to quiet down, a technique that only added to the problem and never worked. Thanks so much for eliminating our problem, bringing joy to us, and showing us how smart Penny really is!"

Priscilla C. - Raymond, NH

"After having the Dog Silencer Pro up and running for the past couple of weeks, it is beginning to kick in. The yapping is shorter and occurs less frequently than before. I also bought the Dazer II. There are dogs wandering around the neighborhood, who are let loose by their owners. I want to be able to ward them off without using pepper spray when I go out for my evening walks. You never know if a dog is friendly or not. The amazing thing about all of this is that I have two dogs myself. I don't let them loose in the streets or bark off the hook out of boredom, which this little yapper does. My girls are well-trained. Too bad not everyone takes the time and effort to do that with their dogs. Thanks for checking in with me. The products work very well."

Anonymous - USA

"My neighbor's dogs were driving me crazy by barking at me every time I went in my yard. This has gone on for six years. Finally, I came to my wit's end. I did a Google search and found the Dog Silencer Pro. I bought it and installed it. Frankly, it did not work. Then I called [Good Life's] customer service department and spoke to a customer service representative. He had me adjust the height, so that the unit was at the same level as the dogs. That did the trick. Now, the dogs come out in the yard and stare at me, but they do not bark. I can't tell you how nice that is. The Dog Silencer Pro is an effective product. I highly recommend it."

James M. - Brookside, UT

"I was skeptical that the [Dog Silencer Pro] would work for our barking collie. We are pleasantly surprised by its effectiveness. It only took about one week for "Oreo" to associate her barking with the unpleasant noise. (I would like to mention that rain and wind can set it off, though.) Thanks for a great product!"

Barbara K. - USA

"Our neighbors have two big dogs. One dog barks while the other dog howls because the other one is barking. We live in a subdivision and all of the homes have vinyl siding. [There are] no bricks to muffle the sound of the barking dog. These dogs have been next door for 5 - 6 years now. The "barker" barks at everything: cats, walkers one street over, my dog every time she goes outside or leaves, you name it. I received the Dog Silencer Pro and plugged it in immediately, then stood on the deck and waited. In no time, there he was, barking at who knows what. I used the remote control. With one click, he turned, looked at me, then ran into the garage. This is a dog that will bark for 15 - 20 minutes at a time. We could not be more pleased with the Dog Silencer Pro. We would be dancing in the street if we weren't afraid of someone calling the police. I have not hesitated to recommend it to friends and family. Thank you for such a great product."

Mrs. C - Tennessee, USA

"Your Dog Silencer Pro works great! I am so happy with the product that I purchased a second Dog Silencer Pro. We were unable to enjoy our backyard due to our neighbors' dogs barking constantly. I have my products mounted in two different trees in my backyard to control the barking of two different dogs. I also purchased the Dog Off Pro for use on walks and inside of my house. It also works great. Our issues are solved with your product. Thank you so much for making excellent products."

Tammy C. - Dallas, TX

"I purchased [the Dog Silencer Pro] with every intention of returning it as nothing seems to work with these dogs. OMG! It worked on the very first day. I am still in a state of shock. I have my house back and can enjoy my dogs. Nobody could walk past my front window without setting off my dogs. That is now a thing of the past. I am so glad I made this purchase as it was my last resort. I just didn't expect it work so fast. Thank you, thank you. "

Donna E. - Sun City Center, FL

"We just rescued a dog from the pound. He was driving us crazy with his barking. I did not want to use a shock collar. I had [Good Life] overnight the Dog Silencer Pro. The change in his behavior was amazing. Thank you for many restful nights."

Daniel R. - Heber Springs, AR

"I got my Dog Silencer Pro delivered today and my husband put it in my kennels. The silence is golden. I breed high-drive German Shepherds, who like to bark a lot, and this device is amazing."

Lynn T. - Caboolture, Queensland, Australia

"Perfect item. [The Dog Silencer Pro] connected and the neighbor's dogs stopped barking immediately. This product is recommend for those who suffer from dog noises."

Jean-Cluade R. - France

"Wow. [The Dog Silencer Pro] worked from the minute my husband set it up. We have four rescued pitbull terriers ranging from 45lbs to 85lbs. It can get quite noisy here. We have had this for one week and the house is quiet. No one is screaming "Be quiet!" either. Thank you for saving my pups and my sanity."

Audrey V - USA

"We have a neighbor's dog, who barks incessantly. After many fruitless conversations and calls to code enforcement, we did some online research. Thankfully, we found [The Dog Silencer Pro.] We put it up and our dog barked once along with the neighbor's dog. The immediate quiet is unmeasurable! I have told everyone I know to throw out the bark collars and buy your product."

Erin W. - Glenwood Springs, CO

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