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"We moved into our house 1.5 years ago. From day one, when we walked between our houses, our neighbor's dogs would charge the fence and make us think they would love to rip us to shreds. Like I said, 1.5 years. The neighbor has done nothing to correct this action. So months ago, I searched ways to correct this action that would keep me out of jail. It is hard to buy something so controversial for that much. I waited. And every time the neighbor's dogs barked, I kicked myself in the butt. So, I purchased the Dog Silencer Pro. It arrived on a Monday. I set it up about 10 feet off the ground on my house (I have a 6 ft fence) while the dogs weren't outside and the neighbors were gone. Tested it; light worked. That night, I heard the neighbor's dog bark, but it was different. The dogs barked 2 times, long delay, then once. This was compared to the ongoing barking. The second day, even bigger change. I hear a whine in their barking and less barking. That same day, I walked on the side of my house. There was a few barks and they did not charge the fence as usual. They stayed hiding under their deck. I know it's too soon for a review. But when something is working this good, the story needs to be told. So thank you for providing my family some peace when in their own yard."

D. B. - Tehama, CA

"It works! I'm thrilled! I now have a quiet house and very little barking when they are outside. The dogs living around us are quieter now, too, because our fences are chain link and don't block the [Dog Silencer.] I use the OnGuard in the house to stop the unnecessary barking. Both started producing results by the second day. It has been a week now and I haven't had to use the OnGuard in two days. The dogs only bark outside if someone approaches the house. I can't thank you enough for having such a wonderful product and I'm so glad I found your website. I'm telling everyone I know about the Dog Silencer and OnGuard. Thank you again."

Margaret G. - Pocatello, ID

"Two weeks after installing my Dog Silencer Pro, I was ready to take advantage of the Money Back Guarantee. My neighbor's two dachshunds seemed unaffected by the device and continued their nonstop barking. I waited another two weeks and began to notice such a difference that I thought they were keeping the dogs inside most of the time. Several months later, they hardly ever bark. Best investment I ever made."

Kevin D. - Houston, TX

"I bought two of your Dog Silencer Pros. I have for a year listened to 4 howling dogs in two yards, not beside me, but separated by a neighbor's yard. The dogs howling, barking and screeching was a daily function. [The sound is] actually coming through a sliding glass door, much less to my open back yard, 65 yards away from the dogs. I read your instructions and tips once I got the two devices. I asked my neighbor if I could place them along his property line, which is within 25 yards of the 4 dogs. He agreed as he was tired of the noise as well. I placed the devices and waited. Not long after that very first install, the dogs came out and started to bark. Same routine that we endured for a year. At the first howl, the WORSE dog dropped his tail and shut up. Now, he walks his yard; his once proud, standing tail lies down and he is silent. Even in the worst of times, it's no more than one howl, one or two barks. The other yard is silent. With two devices, I have pretty much silenced two yards. It is not often that advertising is correct, but your claims on this device shocked even me. It works. It's worth twice the money. No more Animal Control involved, no more nice requests to the owners to train their dogs, no more being unable to do anything. The Dog Silencer Pro stands watch 24/7. I am a very satisfied customer."

Brent H. - Jacksonville, NC

"Let me tell you, this baby works! For 10 years, I've tried various means to get four of my neighbors to quiet their dogs. Everything from humorous notes, nice emails and phone calls, face-to-face conversations, then finally resorted to the police. All worked, but only for a short while. Then I got the Dog Silencer Pro. WOW! The first hour, the [device] didn't seem to work. So, for each barking dog, I pointed the unit at whichever dog was barking, pressed the remote while it barking. Then when the dog stopped barking (maybe 1 or 2 seconds later), I released the remote button. The barking rarely resumed after the 3rd set (or less) of barks. Each time I used it, the barking shortened; even for the brain challenged yappers. It's very directional. When I'm zapping the neighbors' dogs, my own dogs will stand at my feet and it doesn't bother them at all unless they are in front of the unit. Then they perk up their ears, open their real eyes wide then go inside. So, I know this doesn't torture the dogs, but it does get their attention. Now that I've had the unit for 3 weeks, I position the unit to point at the yappers directly behind us before bedtime. During the night, the most they'll bark is one or two yaps and that's it. During the daytime, I've even noticed one dog sitting calmly on the deck. Something he's never done in the past. I rarely use the remote anymore except for the dog three houses away. This product has been life changing for me. For the first time in a decade, I can read on my deck and sleep without being bothered by barking. I don't have to get the neighbors mad by complaining to them or calling the police. My only suggestion is I wish they would disguise it as a birdhouse and make it waterproof. I put mine inside of a bird feeder, so all is well. I like it so much that I bought one for my brother for his Christmas present. It will finally be a Merry Christmas for him!"

Anonymous -

"We can't thank you enough for your fabulous product: the Dog Silencer Pro. Of all of the residents on our block, we have been here the longest. We now have 19 dogs on our block and across the street, believe it or not. All of them are very obnoxious. Their constant barking, because of boredom or to just chime in with the others, was unbearable. We spoke politely with our neighbors, whom couldn't have cared less about our rights. Thanks to the Dog Silencer Pro, we have trained them all. Now, we have peace and quiet in our yard."

Deana B. - Roswell, NM

"Well, your product is making a difference. My neighbor's little yapper would get going and not stop. If the breeze was just right, he would even bark at his echo. What surprised me is how it quieted the area down. He was getting the other dogs to bark. He still barks, but now he shuts up after the initial notice to the world that he saw something. Thank you."

Steve G. - Payette, ID

"I have a very beautiful Rough Collie (like Lassie.) She was barking I think just to hear herself bark! She would bark at the horses, the dogs across the valley, at the moon and who knew what else?! I tried a training collar that I could control when at home with a remote. I also had a no-bark collar that I hated to use because of the shock it would deliver with increase in barking! These didn't seem to even phase her. My neighbors would complain to me that Cameo barking all the time when I was at work. The Dog Silencer Pro was my last ditch effort before I had to do something drastic like get her de-barked. I did not want to do that, but I was feeling desperate to stop her barking all of the time. I purchased 2 units as she can go all the way around the house. IT WORKED! She barks just once or twice, then stops. SILENCE IS GOLDEN! Thank you so MUCH!"

Kathleen G. - Afton, WY

"My Dog Silencer Pro is working just fine! Within minutes, my neighbor's dog stopped barking. My neighbor agreed to let me put it on the wall that separates our property and he indicated that he is considering an option where he will get rid of his dog. Even if he gets rid of his dog, I am going to keep my new Dog SIlencer Pro because you never know. One of the best investments that I have ever made."

Dennis O. - San Tan Valley, AZ

"We have 3 Jack Russel "Terrorists" and I say that because they run and rule our lives. They do everything on their own agenda and they know they can do it! We live a house with a large yard. Barking has not been an issue with our neighbors, although, our dogs love to bark at everything! We are now being forced to move into an apartment. Since our dogs have never lived in that type of situation, we were worried about their barking and noise complaints from our new neighbors. We purchased the Dog Silencer Pro and crossed our fingers that it would be the solution to our problems. After only 2 hours and a few barking sessions, all 3 dogs knew exactly what was going on and IT WORKED! All 3 dogs acted like completely new dogs that we had to do a double take to make sure they were still ours and not someone else's! This unit even helped when they go outside to potty, making it easier to bring them back indoors. Usually they would jump and bark at the door, then only come inside for a dog treat. After the Dog Silencer Pro, they come right to the door, sit and wait for us to get them. NO BARKING! It has also helped with the same sex aggression between mom and daughter. When we would have one out of her kennel and the other one in her kennel, they would bark and growl aggressively at each other if they were in the line of sight of each other. Not anymore! It has helped with all aspects of their barking no matter the circumstances. We wish we had known about the Dog Silencer Pro years ago. Our home would have been a quieter and happier place like it is now. THANK YOU!"

Christine E. - USA

"The [Dog Silencer Pro] is great. You have the option to counteract the barking dog with two sounds at the same time: one audible and the other inaudible to humans. To protect it from the rain, I recommend buying a deep planter box and tilt to protect from the wind."

Robert A. - Richmond, TX

"The best! I set [the Dog Silencer Pro] up. Within minutes, the nearest dogs were not barking. I first thought that maybe the neighbors were away. But the next day, I heard barks, maybe three or four, then nothing. Now, I rarely hear the closest dogs bark more than once. The whole neighborhood thanks you. If there is ever a "Truth In Advertising" award, you folks should get it. Thanks again."

John P. - Orange, MA

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