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Ultimate AT and Guardian owners, please Send Us Your Success Story - Pictures Welcome!

"I purchased the 12-in-1 [Guardian] to get rid of squirrels in my attic. I had tried some of the other electronic devices, but I couldn't get rid of the squirrels, who made my attic sound like an elementary school playground. After I followed the instructions and installed the 12-in-1 [Guardian] in my attic, the family of squirrels and a raccoon disappeared. We can still hear them as they jump onto the roof to get in, but then silence. It's like they get near the device and say, "No. It is entirely too noisy around here. We need to find a better home for our kids." This has been installed for about 3 weeks now and I am one happy camper. I have peace and quiet and an occasional laugh when I hear the "thump" followed by utter silence. I can almost see them putting their little fingers over their ears."

Michael R. - Fort Washington, MD

"I called and talked to [Good Life] in the first week of August. I informed customer service that I was returning both Solar Mole & Snake Repellers because a gopher continues digging its tunnel in their presence. This device is in my front yard, making noise every 30 seconds, but the gopher doesn't leave. Customer service suggested to me to try these units for two more weeks because when the gopher hears its beeping the first time, it thinks the noise is temporary, so it keeps digging the tunnel. When it continues to hear the beeping noise every 30 seconds for more than 2 weeks, it realizes that this is a permanent bothersome noise and the gopher leaves the area. I am glad to inform you that the gopher has certainly left my front yard and its activity of digging tunnels in my front yard has stopped."

Abdul M. - San Jacinto, CA

"We built our house in 1988. It has a stone porch. From the first summer, we started having problems with droppings at the front door. It took a few days to figure out it was a bat settling in overnight and sometimes during the day. (The bat always disappears during the winter. One benefit of cold and snow.) We tried many deterrents over the years, all without success. This spring when a bat came back. I ran across your product on the internet and ordered it. When I completed my order online, there was a comment box and I wrote "I really hope this works." It has been several weeks since we set the Guardian up. I am thrilled to report that when I open my front door every morning to check for droppings, there are none! Thank you for a product that works at such a reasonable price!"

Karen W. - Rockford, IL

"I have tried and spent a lot of money to keep raccoons out of my pool and yard. I was skeptical about the Guardian, but since it could be returned in 45 days I gave it a shot. It's been 6 months and no raccoons, deer or feral cats come into the yard. You have to try it. It works."

Elliot P. - Myrtle Beach, SC

"I would like to compliment you on your fine product. I have used the [Pest Repeller Ultimate] in my home for the last years or so. I am very satisfied with the results."

A.S. - USA

"My mother has had squirrel problems for years. Lately, it has been horrible, driving my mom (age 90) crazy. I was skeptical, but I purchased [the Guardian] anyway and so far the squirrels left. I cannot believe that the squirrels are gone! The first day, she heard a little noise. The second day, there was a lot of noise, so we thought we made the wrong decision. After the second day, there has been no squirrel activity. I will tell everyone I know any chance I get. I'm serious. I'm telling everyone I know about the success."

Linda B. - Greensburg, PA

"Outstanding product! I got the [Ultimate AT] a few weeks ago and plugged it in. No spiders! Fantastic! I've been looking in the closets, corners and such just in case. Since activating it, they are gone! I have been telling my co-workers and friends about the unit and they might consider your products. They have said that spraying for bugs can only go so far, and the ongoing monthly or yearly cost for that type of service. Your unit beats that method, in my opinion, hands down! Excellent product! Thanks!"

David R. - Las Vegas, NV

"I bought [the Guardian] after receiving advice on which unit would be best suited for squirrels in the loft. I ordered unit, paid with PayPal, then unit arrived within 3 days to Scotland from Oregon, USA. [The Guardian] was installed and I haven't heard a squeak, scrape or any sign of any presence in the loft since. Excellence in all respects. One point to look out for: when the carrier arrived, there was a charge for duties and customs fees. It was well worth the extra for the peace and quite."

Bob A. - Scotland

"I have three Pest Repeller Ultimate ATs in my house and they work. I had lots of mice for a year and a half and could not poison them all. It was expensive having so many mice as they got into the toilet paper and food. There were many sleepless nights. It was a nightmare. My parents bough the [Ultimate ATs] for us. Before, I was poisoning the mice and that killed some, but they kept coming into the house until the Ultimate ATs.They will never leave my outlets as they rid me of all the mice. I am so happy with your products. Great product. Wonderful! My life is so much happier, cleaner and better. Thanks! I tell everyone."

Carla H. - USA

"Bats were hanging under the eaves. They are not a bad thing, but their droppings were collecting on the patio below. I was about to spend $1000 to have to soffits enclosed, but I wanted to try the Guardian first. It worked. No signs of bat droppings since the installation. [The Guardian] got rid of the bats and saved me 1000 bucks. I also see that squirrels are taking a different route to collect walnuts on the ground in the same area. Now, if you can design something to repel stink bugs, you will be rich and famous."

Rick C. - Bluemont, VA

"Unbelievable! I bought an older country house, which had a large selection of bugs, spiders, ants, beatles and flies. You name it. I got 4 of the [Ultimate ATs.] I put two in the house, one in the garage and one in the barn. I plugged them in and the next day, no bugs. Not even the dead ones you find on the garage floor. The barn had no spiders or anything that I could find. I left the doors and windows open in the barn, hoping [the Ultimate AT] would repel the squirrels and field mice from the yard. It worked and there is none in sight now. I don't know if the device repelled the groundhog or it got lonely, but it's gone, too. Him and I have gone round all summer long and he was winning. Great product!!!"

Rick H. - Vanwert, OH

"Couple of weeks ago, I bought a Guardian because I had hundreds of bats that decided my house was going to be their home. The bats were living under my siding and not in our house, so I mounted the Guardian on the outside of our home. Within 10 days, the bats were all gone. Even our neighbors can't believe I got rid of them that easy and that fast. I still have it attached to the house, but have it operating on battery power. I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the Guardian; it was well worth the money."

Gary D. - Fredonia, NY

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