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"Vibration unit arrived yesterday, all OK. Fitted unit to our 5 month old pup today. Have had no barking since fitting the Barkwise Vibration and am very happy with results."

Ray M - Victoria, AU

"I can't believe how well this works! Our Podengo always used to bark at squirrels and birds who dare to land on and near the house. Since the Dog Silencer was installed, he has not barked outside once! In fact, it seems to stop him even before he barks. A miracle. I'm recommending it to all my dog-owning friends!"

Anita D. - United Kingdom

"I would just like to say that we received our Dog Silencer a few days ago and could not be happier! We live right next door to two very loud barking Chihuahua mixes that were driving us to almost put our house on the market and move. Since we plugged the Dog Silencer in, we can sit on our patio in peace, enjoy dinner with the door open, not worry about barking all hours of the night. This started working almost immediately, and, within 2 days, the barking has decreased 99%. I can't say enough about how this product has improved our quality of life! In addition, we have a Bluetick hound that is not a barker. We were worried about her becoming afraid of the outdoors and the ultrasonic noise, but she hasn't even flinched. We're happy, the dog is happy, and for the neighbors . . . well, they probably haven't even noticed. Great job!"

Carley W. - Clinton Township, MI

"Our house recently sold before we had found one to move into, so we found ourselves renting an apartment. Within a day or two we began to fear eviction. Our dogs are barkers. We have a Toy Poodle and a Chihuahua/Jack Russell mix. We were very, very stressed. I found Good Life's website but was skeptical the collar would actually work, so I went with a spray collar at a local pet store. It didn't work at all, and we were more frustrated than ever. The dogs had always barked at everything; now they were barking at every sound in the early morning and late at night with our neighbors only a wall away! I really doubted the BarkWise Complete collar would work, but I bought two of them. What I am about to say next I am NOT KIDDING! Within an hour they were almost totally trained and within less than a day the barking was GONE! I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS PRODUCT WORKS AND IT ISN'T ADVERTISED IN EVERY PET STORE!!! I didn't want to use a shock collar because I've always had a fear in addition to being painful, I might be absent and the shock feature might malfunction and keep shocking them over and over. But with the BarkWise Complete Collar, I have no fear. This has been the ideal solution for our fur babies."

Tarah L. - Springfield, MO

"We are thrilled! Not three hours after plugging in the latest Dog Silencer (not Pro), our two dogs have not barked in over 4 days. It is beyond amazing! Even with their friendly squirrel, who runs around the trees and fence taunting them, they hold their bark. They chase, but they do not bark. I have never written a review before, but I felt compelled for this excellent and mind-boggling product! I called all my friends with dogs and let them know about this great product. Thank you, Good Life!"

Lynne D. - Venice, CA

"The [Dog Silencer Pro] is great. You have the option to counteract the barking dog with two sounds at the same time: one audible and the other inaudible to humans. To protect it from the rain, I recommend buying a deep planter box and tilt to protect from the wind."

Robert A. - Richmond, TX

"Wow, I was prepared to wait for this device to work but had NO IDEA it would be effective so quickly. I have Shelties, (lots of Shelties!) and barking had become a recreational activity for them in spite of my best efforts. I've been online and have tried all sorts of positive reinforcement methods specifically suggested for Shelties and all I succeeded in accomplishing was making them tubby with treats. Some people de-bark their Shelties and while I just couldn't bear the thought of this procedure I can certainly understand the motivation. The Dog Silencer Pro is truly amazing. My dogs are completely happy, show no signs of distress when the unit is working and still bark when they really need to tell me something. Now my fabulous dogs are perfect! Thank you for an effective and humane device. I'm sure my neighbors are relieved as well!"

Wendy L. - Dundee, OR

"I can't thank you enough. I spend a lot of time on my patio with my "girls" Angel and Georgi Girl. They are 3 year old Goldens. But, when my neighbor comes out of his house, they went crazy barking. I purchased your Dog Silencer Pro, and low and behold, they do not bark anymore. I now have peace on the patio!!! Angel is the timid one, and she seemed to be afraid for awhile, but was a quick study! Georgi, being more bold, tested the waters, but has now learned not to bark. I think I can probably turn the unit off soon. Thank you again."

Kathy B. - Weeki Wachee, FL

"I have a sweet little Yorkshire terrier, I live in a condo, I have neighbors who are obviously not dog lovers, my dog loves to go out on the balcony, unfortunately she barks at everything, the gardener, the wind, birds, planes, moving trees, people coming up the walk. I tried 3 other devices, NONE OF THEM WORKED! Yesterday I hooked up the Dog Silencer Pro, IMMEDIATE AND AMAZING RESULTS. My little pooch goes out on the balcony, barks a couple of times, then whala!!!!!! She is the perfect little doggie. Most importantly my dog is very happy, she gets to go out on the balcony any time she wants, I am happy because my neighbors are happy. I have a doggie door so I put the Dog Silencer Pro between the screen and the slider, plugged it in, it works in the house too. I work from home so it is a real blessing, no more incessant barking!!! Thank you Good Life for the wonderful, most humane way to keep your dog from barking, no shock collars, just a high pitched sound, which I put on medium by the way, near the low side. Thank you Good Life for the Dog Silencer Pro, I highly recommend this product."

Dorina A. - Peabody, Massachusetts

"My two Dachshunds were VERY prone to barking. They would bark at the doorbell, car horns,people entering my apartment, people in the hall, and the cat. Sometimes they would just bark at nothing. I got the Dog Silencer Pro last week and I have heard all of ONE bark since then. Doorbell? Silence. People outside of the window talking? Quiet. Cat taunting them? Not a peep. Visitors coming into the apartment? Zero barking. This product is worth every single cent I spent on it and then some. The Dog Silencer Pro is a MUST OWN for anyone with a dog or dogs that are prone to barking. It's really a miracle. My neighbors probably love you as much as I do currently. Thanks a million for producing this amazing product! Again, thanks for the amazing product. My neighbors, girlfriend and I are all tremendously pleased with the results!"

Ted P. - Chicago, IL

"I am English but live on the South Coast of Spain. I, well my Wife and I, live in an apartment on the end of the block and there is a Villa next door, where the dog is. I have tracked my purchase on my computer and find that I ordered it on the 5th of September 2007. I have attached a photograph of the position of the unit and would confirm again that it works wonderfully. I did mark the photograph of where the dog is situated ...he is between the hedge and the Villa but he gets the signal through the hedge. On occasions it might not stop him barking automatically, but a press or two on the remote and -- Silence-- wonderful. Another marvelous thing about it is the fact that if we have a sudden storm and it gets soaking wet, just take it indoors, dry it off and it is as good as new, not many products would do that! I always put the waterproof cover on it if we are having a rainy period, which is rare. I am just writing to say how marvelous it is, we had a terribly noisy dog next door to us driving us mad, now, no trouble at all, I have recommended you to many friends, thanks very much."

F. Luckman - Spain

"After losing our wonderful 14 year old Chow Chow, my partner decided to pick up a real working dog for our hobby ranch. He decided on a Great Pyrenees, and found a local breeder. I must admit we did not do much research, and the bundle of cute soon grew into an adult dog, who, true to her nature, barks at any perceived threat to her sheep (squirrels, turkeys, deer, coyotes and other dogs, anything but people. After a complaint from an elderly neighbor, we desperately tried collars, which irritated her neck and frightened her. After a long night of internet research, I found your product, and decided to give it a try. While we work, our dog stays in our covered barn, which also has two outer runs, measuring a bit more than 25 x 25'. We placed the "bark box" on a central post, and it covers her entire area, and takes rechargeable batteries. We have lived in peace ever since. I nearly thought we would have to place our beloved Sunny with another more rural family, but the Dog Silencer Pro has cut her daytime barking to a minimum, and she is still a happy puppy when we get home. The customer service has been phenomenal, such a rarity nowadays. I can't thank you enough for this wonderful product, and recommend it to anyone with a great dog with a problem bark. Here is Sunny's photo... Thanks for everything,"

Susan W. - El Dorado, CA

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