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"We have neighbor dogs that have been torturing us for a year. Four to our back left, one behind us, and one to the right. Always one or the other barking. We researched a product and came upon the Dog Silencer Max and took a chance. The afternoon we got it, I put it right up. Two days later and we are living in silence. I kid you not. It is unreal. It has changed our lives, and especially mine since I work at home. I could hear initially the various dogs would attempt their usual barking but it was stopping after only one or two woofs. They try a bark now and then still but stop after only one bark. I feel certain that it will soon stop altogether. Thank you Good Life. Finally we are in control of our lives again. What a feeling!"

Lillith K - Coeur d'Alene, ID

"I don't usually do this but I would feel remiss if I didn't thank you folks for this awesome product. I was having to take my dog all over to various sitters around town, but now I'm able to leave Rouge at my apartment worry free. All it took was one bark to fix behavior. Thanks for making something that works."

Andrew K - Moab, UT

"After setting up the Max it only took about four barks from the neighbors dog to realize he had a real problem with barking! During the next few days we heard an occasional bark and then even that has stopped! Great product and worth every penny!!!"

John H - Jhonson City , NY

"I purchased the Dog Silencer Max in Oct 2016. My neighbor has 5 hounds that were barking non-stop. The Dog Silencer Max worked immediately. The dogs immediately stopped barking about 70% less. It took about month to curb the remaining 30% of their barking. The Dog Silencer Max saved my sanity. I’m enjoying the peace and quite. I highly recommend the Dog Silencer Max."

Daniel D. - Fresno, CA

"I purchased the Dog Silencer about a month ago and it has been a life saver! Just recently our neighbor has had a Shi Tzu in the back yard which faces our front yard. Every time it sees our dogs it just barks like crazy and continues to bark nonstop. And, the high pitched rapid barking sets off our youngest dog barking back and normally she doesn't bark all the time and definitely is not an ongoing barker. My situation is very similar to Carley W. from Clinton Township, MI where we couldn't enjoy any peace outside because of a neighboring dog and now we can. We try to be considerate and watch to make sure our dogs aren't barking for a long time. But, to expect that from others is quite hard to do. Talking one on one usually has a negative effect and rarely works. And, some owners just think dogs should bark. We have our silencer on the lowest sensitivity and use the clicker and while this isn't always consistent, I've noticed when I manually trigger it, the dog whimpers soon thereafter and doesn't bark anymore. And, overall the amount of barking has significantly reduced. We definitely like that it's humane and discreet. You have put out an amazing product and we will probably be getting more of these. I highly recommend this for your own dog and definitely if you're having a problematic neighbor dog. Thank you for restoring peace back into our lives and my doggies also think it's pawsome!"

Michiko - Utah

"Dear Good Life, I am so impressed with the effectiveness of Bark Wise that I had to write back to let you know and thank you. Our new dog, a Russell Terrier, was truly barking excessively. Barking at cars, birds, people working in their yards, people passing by, other dogs, little noises produced by wind, and pretty much everything in between. She is very smart and quick to learn but also, as a good Terrier, very stubborn. The barking was really getting to us and the neighbors, so I went online, did some research and settled for your product. The difference for us was that Good Life ships to Hawaii by USPS, which also means shipping is inexpensive. I have to say that I am always a bit skeptical of most claims regarding how well products work. I guess a lifetime of experience has left me a a bit incredulous on this type of thing. However, yesterday afternoon I got your collar, charged it and put it on my dog. I know it seems unbelievable, but in just a few hours my dog completely retrain itself. She simply stop barking. Last night I took off the collar, since BeeBee sleeps inside. This morning I did not put it back on, just to see. She will run along the fence, gruff and perhaps bark short and softly once or twice, but will not go into the barking marathons she had us used to. She is not wearing the collar, yet a few hours with it yesterday were enough to reprogram her. As far as we are concerned your product is absolutely wonderful. It truly is quite unbelievable. Thank you so very much."

Ignacio -

"Vibration unit arrived yesterday, all OK. Fitted unit to our 5 month old pup today. Have had no barking since fitting the Barkwise Vibration and am very happy with results."

Ray M - Victoria, AU

"We recently just purchased the Dog Silencer Max. We have 3 large dogs that gained bad habits of barking after neighbor kids teased them. They took up barking at anything and everything that went by the fence. We installed it this morning and the barking has ceased. It is even working on the neighbors dog who was also teased. This is the best money spent on our fur babies in a long time."

Rachel W - WY

"I loved the Bark Control Pro so much, I purchased a second one for inside of the house. I'm surrounded by houses with numerous dogs that used to bark almost constantly, even more so when I let my 2 dogs outside in the backyard. Of course, I have to change the battery about once a week, but at Dollar Tree I can buy 2 batteries for a dollar, so I stock up."

Lynne G. - Sacramento, CA

"I can't believe how well this works! Our Podengo always used to bark at squirrels and birds who dare to land on and near the house. Since the Dog Silencer was installed, he has not barked outside once! In fact, it seems to stop him even before he barks. A miracle. I'm recommending it to all my dog-owning friends!"

Anita D. - United Kingdom

"Before my back yard was like being in a kennel. It is so good to be able to set out in my yard. I hear a occasional bark, But such peace."

Velma M. - Muscatine, Iowa

"It really works! The first day within an hour the endless barking was over....the best money I ever spent to get peace and quiet again!"

Richard B - Oroville, CA

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