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GoodLife - Stop dog barking
Stop Dog Barking with the Dog Silencer - Safe, Humane Anti Bark Control Products
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Dog Silencer Max
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"I loved the Bark Control Pro so much, I purchased a second one for inside of the house. I'm surrounded by houses with numerous dogs that used to bark almost constantly, even more so when I let my 2 dogs outside in the backyard. Of course, I have to change the battery about once a week, but at Dollar Tree I can buy 2 batteries for a dollar, so I stock up."

Lynne G. - Sacramento, CA

"I can't believe how well this works! Our Podengo always used to bark at squirrels and birds who dare to land on and near the house. Since the Dog Silencer was installed, he has not barked outside once! In fact, it seems to stop him even before he barks. A miracle. I'm recommending it to all my dog-owning friends!"

Anita D. - United Kingdom

"Before my back yard was like being in a kennel. It is so good to be able to set out in my yard. I hear a occasional bark, But such peace."

Velma M. - Muscatine, Iowa

"What a fabulous investment in peace and quiet! Our 3 dogs barked at everything in person, out the window and on TV! Plugged in Dog Silencer in and the barking all but ceased! It is a miracle in a box!"

Janice B. - Belvedere, IL

"I would just like to say that we received our Dog Silencer a few days ago and could not be happier! We live right next door to two very loud barking Chihuahua mixes that were driving us to almost put our house on the market and move. Since we plugged the Dog Silencer in, we can sit on our patio in peace, enjoy dinner with the door open, not worry about barking all hours of the night. This started working almost immediately, and, within 2 days, the barking has decreased 99%. I can't say enough about how this product has improved our quality of life! In addition, we have a Bluetick hound that is not a barker. We were worried about her becoming afraid of the outdoors and the ultrasonic noise, but she hasn't even flinched. We're happy, the dog is happy, and for the neighbors . . . well, they probably haven't even noticed. Great job!"

Carley W. - Clinton Township, MI

"Our house recently sold before we had found one to move into, so we found ourselves renting an apartment. Within a day or two we began to fear eviction. Our dogs are barkers. We have a Toy Poodle and a Chihuahua/Jack Russell mix. We were very, very stressed. I found Good Life's website but was skeptical the collar would actually work, so I went with a spray collar at a local pet store. It didn't work at all, and we were more frustrated than ever. The dogs had always barked at everything; now they were barking at every sound in the early morning and late at night with our neighbors only a wall away! I really doubted the BarkWise Complete collar would work, but I bought two of them. What I am about to say next I am NOT KIDDING! Within an hour they were almost totally trained and within less than a day the barking was GONE! I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS PRODUCT WORKS AND IT ISN'T ADVERTISED IN EVERY PET STORE!!! I didn't want to use a shock collar because I've always had a fear in addition to being painful, I might be absent and the shock feature might malfunction and keep shocking them over and over. But with the BarkWise Complete Collar, I have no fear. This has been the ideal solution for our fur babies."

Tarah L. - Springfield, MO

"I have a very strong-willed German Shepherd. Has taken a week for him to catch on. Seems to be working at last. Neighbors are no longer yelling at us over the fence. Have spent close to a thousand dollars on devices and trainers. [BarkWise Complete] is the only thing that has worked. Fingers crossed it lasts. Thank you. Peace and tranquility at last."

Susan E. - Australia

"I am so happy with my BarkWise Complete collar. My dog was barking endlessly during the day and this collar has completely stopped the barking. I am so happy. This was the best investment I made this year. Thank you!"

Lauren W. - Hamburg, NH

"Excellent product. Although a bit expensive but peace is priceless! The barking ceased in three days. I am completely satisfied with Dog Silencer. "

Jean Louis G. - France

"We bought the Dog Silencer and it came quickly. We put it up the same day and it's been operational for 10 days now. The difference in our dog is remarkable! We had gotten a complaint from out neighbors and, of course, worked on her barking for a long time with the Dog Silencer. She's a Schnoodle and she'll be 4 years old in December, so she wasn't going to outgrow the barking! Now with the Dog Silencer, she barks infrequently. And when she does, it's only a few barks and she stops. We are delighted. Our dog has a low voice and a very loud bark for a 22-pound dog. So I can't say it will work for smaller voices, but it's sure been working for her. Thanks for the great product!"

Peggy H. - USA

"I purchased the Dog Silencer for the sole purpose of resolving the constant barking of a very uncooperative and hostile neighbor's dog. After contacting animal control and police multiple times as well as trying to kindly explain that their neglected 1-year-old pit puppy was waking our family every night. I finally decided to take things into my own hands. Safely, humanely and legally. The scenario: I live on the 2nd floor of an apartment complex. The neighbor's dog is in my backyard in a fenced in 1 acre yard. My apartment has a screened in portch overlooking their backyard, but it is less than an 8-foot fence and no less than 200 - 300 feet away. I was afraid the distance was too great for the unit to be effective. I was wrong. As soon as I received the Dog Silencer, I set it to audible so I would be able to hear when it responded to barking or other noises. I started with max sensitivity. As soon as I plugged it in, it sounded. I had it pointed towards the dog on a flat surface from my 2nd story balcony. I did not angle it downward even though I am 20 feet above their property. As soon as it sounded, their dog stopped barking and looked straight at me, cocking his head to the side. He immediately barked again. It sounded. He turned around and retreated to the other side of the house. I decreased the sensitivity to half keeping the setting on audible. I did not hear him bark again the rest of the night. SWEET RELIEF! Since then I have fined tuned the unit to only respond when the dog barks (which is virtually never now.) You will need to play around with the sensitivity for a few days to get it set right but you can. I suggest that if you're not resting, to unplug it, out of kindness to the animal but it does the job! He learned within 24 hours to stop barking. I now only plug the unit in at dark. He barks a little during the day but only at normal things and he's a dog. As long as it's not constant, he should be free to bark during the day a little in my opinion but it's nice to know that all I have to do is plug it in and it WILL BE QUIET. My neighbor's have all thanked me as well for taking the non-confrontational initiative to 'train' an unruly neighbor's dog to quiet down. I have 3 cats and they do not seem to notice it. In silent mode, it is absolutely undetectable to humans. I watched the dog. He is hearing it. THIS PRODUCT WORKS BETTER THAN I EVER COULD HAVE THOUGHT POSSIBLE. I am a VERY satisfied customer who has my silent nights back EVERY night. GREAT PRODUCT!"

Andrew - USA

"I have never called in, written or responded to any one, good or bad, about their product. But I feel compelled to do so about yours. The Dog Silencer works! Thanks."

John H. - Las Vegas, NV

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